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What happened in Part 4 of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

What happened in Part 4 of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

For seven days and nights the Mariner is aboard the ship with his dead crew, who are unable to die. As he watches the sea serpents in the ocean, the Mariner admires their beauty and blesses them silently. At this moment the Albatross falls from his neck and sinks into the water.

What does the Mariner emphasize in Part IV?

REPETITION of the Mariner’s dark hand, which emphasizes that the origin of who he is comes from the sea, and the reason he has the mindset that he does, physically and metaphorically ‘body dropped not down’ considering his age. DEVIATION from the original structure is meant to emphasize the Motif.

What burden is the Mariner relieved of?

The ancient mariner compels the wedding guest to listen to his story as he feels guilty for killing the albatross and suffers from agony. He wanders around from place to place to tell his story to different people because when he tells his story to someone he, for the time being, is relieved from his agony.

How many mariners lie dead on the ship?

251Lay dead like a load on my weary eye, 252And the dead were at my feet. 256Had never passed away.

Why did the Mariner bless the sea snakes?

Wait, when were there water snakes? He realizes that these hideous snakes are kind of beautiful. Without knowing it, he blesses the wriggly little creatures in his heart. This blessing for fellow creatures is all it takes to remove the horrible curse that the Mariner gained from killing the albatross.

Why does the Mariner tell his story to a wedding guest?

The Ancient Mariner just has a way of sensing to whom he must tell his tale next. The exact reason for his choosing of the wedding guest is not clearly stated, other than that the mariner knows to whom he must relate the story of his experiences just by seeing him.

What happens when the Mariner tries to pray?

What happens when the Mariner begins to pray? The Albatross fell off his neck and falls into the sea. The spell beings to break.

How does the Mariner redeem himself?

The mariner is gripped with a compulsion to tell his story to the hermit. This is how the hermit offers the mariner redemption. As soon as he tells the story to hermit he feels really good. He is then told to tell his story to people who need to hear his tale to get off the pain that persists until he tell the story.

What did the mariner do that caused the albatross to fall from his neck?

In the poem, an albatross follows a ship setting out to sea, which is considered a sign of good luck. However, the titular mariner shoots the albatross with a crossbow, an act that will curse the ship and cause it to suffer terrible mishaps.

Why does the mariner find the water snakes so beautiful?

Why does he find the water-snakes so beautiful? Why do they symbolize? They are alive. He has nothing else around him that is alive.

Why can’t the Mariner pray again did he ever change?

The guest fears that the Mariner is a ghost, but the Mariner assures him he is alive as he continues to describe the southbound voyage to the Antarctic. But he is unable to pray because the dead sailors at his feet, whose bodies have somehow not begun to rot–“Nor rot nor reek did they” (l.

Why is the Mariner still alive at the end of the voyage?

Why is the Mariner still alive at the end of the voyage? The Mariner gets to survive the voyage when all the sailors die so that he could suffer and later atone for his crime and tell other people about the unforgiveable deed he has done.

What happens in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 4?

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner | Part 4 | Summary. Summary. The Wedding Guest is disturbed by the Mariner’s tale, but the Mariner continues. He is alone on the sea with the dead bodies of his crew and the monsters in the water. He tries to pray, but finds himself unable to do so.

How is Coleridge different from the Ancient Mariner?

Whereas Coleridge’s descriptions of the ghost ship, sun, and sailors are replete with spare, harsh imagery, he describes the water-snakes in decadent, lush terms. Only when the Ancient Mariner is able to appreciate the beauty of the natural world is he granted the ability to pray – and, it is implied, eventually redeem himself.

What kind of poem is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is a lyrical ballad i.e. a poem written in the form and style of a folk ballad which is usually written by an anonymous person. The ballad is a narrative song-poem, usually relating a single, dramatic incident or story, in a form suitable for singing or rhythmical chanting.

Why does the wedding guest Fear the Ancient Mariner?

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Summary and Analysis of Part 4 The Wedding Guest proclaims that he fears the Ancient Mariner because he is unnaturally skinny, so tanned and wrinkled that he resembles the sand, and possesses a “glittering eye.”