What happened RADARSAT-1?

What happened RADARSAT-1?

RADARSAT-1 was Canada’s first commercial Earth observation satellite. As of March 2013, the satellite was declared non-operational and is no longer collecting data.

What is the purpose of the RADARSAT-1?

RADARSAT-1 is the first Canadian developed and commercially operated Earth observation satellite with the objective to monitor environmental change and the planet’s natural resources in the microwave region.

What did the Radarsat discover?

What did RADARSAT-1 look for on the ocean surface? It provided information on features such as surface waves so we can better understand the oceans and their impact on our climate. These data were used by meteorological services, the fishing industry, and oceanographers.

What is the Radarsat?

RADARSAT is a Canadian remote sensing Earth observation satellite program overseen by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

How much did Radarsat 1 cost?

620 million CAD (2013)

Who built Radarsat 1?

Ball Aerospace & Technologies
Spar Aerospace

How do I get RADARSAT data?

Catalogues of available RADARSAT-2 data are available to end-users either locally, through the Acquisition Planning Tool, or by Internet on the Earth Observation Data Management System of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, a division of Natural Resources Canada.

Does Canada have spy satellites?

Details. Sapphire, Canada’s first military satellite, is a small spacecraft designed to monitor space debris and satellites within an orbit 3,728 to 24,855 miles (6,000 to 40,000 kilometres) above Earth. The satellite has been providing data to the United States Space Surveillance Network since January 2014.

Does Canada have any satellites?

Canada is renowned for the exceptional instruments on its science satellites.


The Canadian Space Agency and the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation are making RADARSAT-1 synthetic aperture radar images of Earth available to researchers, industry and the public at no cost. The 36,500 images are available through the Government of Canada’s Earth Observation Data Management System.

How much did Radarsat 2 cost?

2.02 billion USD (2007)

Who owns RADARSAT?

the Canadian Space Agency
The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is a three-spacecraft fleet of Earth observation satellites operated by the Canadian Space Agency.