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What happened to Cedric Jennings?

What happened to Cedric Jennings?

Today, Cedric gives back to the community as a clinical social worker and youth minister. The story of his achievements is required reading in many high schools around the country.

Why was Cedric Jennings socially isolated at Brown University?

Growing up in poverty, he has had few opportunities to socialize with different classes, and almost no exposure to cultural events and references, making it just as difficult to fit in socially as it is to succeed academically at Brown.

Who is Cedric Jennings?

Cedric Jennings is an anomaly at Ballou High School in the Southeast neighborhood of Washington, D.C.: in a poorly performing school where academic achievement is scorned, Cedric proudly strives for high grades with a desire to attend a top university.

How Does A Hope in the Unseen end?

The book closes with Cedric pondering how much his life has changed – that he no longer has something to push against, but finds he does not miss it.

Who wrote Hope in the Unseen?

Ron Suskind
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How many pages are in the book A Hope in the Unseen?

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ISBN-13: 9780767901260
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/04/1999
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400

What is Cedric searching for right before he leaves for college?

It is moving day, and Cedric is looking for a few important items as he leaves his room—he has lost his graphing calculator, and finally decides he must leave without it and buy a new one at Brown.

Why was Cedric uncomfortable at Donald Korb’s house?

A Boston-based optometrist, Dr. While at Brown, Cedric spends Thanksgiving with Dr. Korb and his family in Boston, and is treated as the guest of honor, which makes him extremely uncomfortable.

What does Cedric do for his first Thanksgiving?

Cedric’s Thanksgiving experience broadens his perspective in two distinct ways. First, the dinner with Donald Korb and his family makes him privy to the life of highly affluent white people. Second, he receives heartfelt encouragement from another academic trailblazer, Aunt Miriam.