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What happened to Peter Mills?

What happened to Peter Mills?

Peter Mills is a former main character in Chicago Fire, played by actor Charlie Barnett. He was a firefighter at Firehouse 51. Mills was eventually transferred to Squad 3, where he later decided he no longer wanted to be a firefighter and chose to spend more time with his family instead.

Is Chief Boden Peter Mills Dad?

Is Chief Boden Peter Mills Dad? Wallace Boden is the Battalion Chief of Firehouse 51. He has served in the fire department for over 30 years, working alongside Benny Severide and the late Henry Mills, fathers of Kelly Severide and Peter Mills respectively.

Why did Peter Mills leave squad?

Peter Mills is a former main character. He was previously a firefighter of at Firehouse 51. He was eventually reinstated as a firefighter and transferred back to Squad 3, where he later decided he no longer wanted to be a firefighter and desired to be with his family.

Who played Peter Mills?

Charlie BarnettChicago Fire
Peter Mills/Played by

Who plays Peter Mills in Chicago Fire? Actor Charlie Barnett starred as the rookie firefighter for three seasons. Barnett has starred in several TV series including, The CW’s Valor and the superhero show Arrow. The 33-year-old has appeared in several Netflix series, including Russian Doll, Tales of the City and You.

Is Charlie Barnett death?

March 16, 1996
Charlie Barnett/Date of death

Does Kelly severide have a baby?

Leslie decides to tell Kelly about her suspicion with Kelly, who starts having doubts. He asks for a paternity test, which reveals that the baby is indeed not his, but rather the result of a one night stand Renée had a few weeks after arriving in Madrid.

Does Kelly Severide have a baby?

Did Boden sleep with Mills mom?

Captain Boden delivers a heartfelt speech honoring Mills’ father, which Benny walks out on. Boden confronts Benny, and Benny blames Boden for Henry Mills’ death. He also reveals that Boden slept with Peter Mills’ mother.

Why did Mills leave 51 on Chicago Fire?

As executive producer Matt Olmstead revealed to TVLine at the time, the decision to write off Barnett’s character was made largely to help shake things up from a storytelling standpoint and pave the way for the show to introduce a new character to shake things up further.

What happened to Charlie Barnett?

Having contracted HIV through heroin abuse, Barnett died from complications of AIDS on March 16, 1996, aged 41.

How old is Charlie Barnett?

33 years (February 4, 1988)
Charlie Barnett/Age

Is Severide in love with Shay?

6 He Loves Deeply When roommate Leslie Shay is in a building fire, he tries desperately to revive her. When this doesn’t work, and she dies, he suffers deeply, showing a great capacity to love.