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What happens if two interface have same method name in C#?

What happens if two interface have same method name in C#?

Answer: If we have two interface with same method name then a class need to implement interface explicitly in a program. [Note: For this interview question, an interviewer expects explanation of explicit interface implementation with a complete program example.

What happens if two interface have same method name?

Interfaces can now contain methods with implementations. So, if the class already has the same method as an Interface, then the default method from the implemented Interface does not take effect. However, if two interfaces implement the same default method, then there is a conflict.

Can you implement two interfaces with the same method name and signature?

If two interfaces contain a method with the same signature but different return types, then it is impossible to implement both the interface simultaneously. It is a compile-time error to declare two methods with override-equivalent signatures in a class.

Can a class implement two interfaces with same variable names?

14) A class cannot implement two interfaces that have methods with same name but different return type.

Can a interface inherit another interface in C#?

C# allows the user to inherit one interface into another interface. When a class implements the inherited interface then it must provide the implementation of all the members that are defined within the interface inheritance chain.

Can you inherit multiple interfaces in C#?

A class or struct can implement multiple interfaces. A class can inherit a base class and also implement one or more interfaces.

Can two interface have same name?

The implementation of interface’s members will be given by the class who implements the interface implicitly or explicitly. C# allows the implementation of multiple interfaces with the same method name. In this example, we take two interfaces named as G1 and G2 with the same method name.

Can a class implement 2 interfaces?

Yes, a class can implement multiple interfaces. Each interface provides contract for some sort of behavior.

Can we implement two interfaces with same method?

Yes, a class can implement two two interfaces with the same method signature but that method should be implemented only once in the class. Implemented method.

CAN interfaces inherit from other interfaces?

Interfaces can inherit from one or more interfaces. The derived interface inherits the members from its base interfaces. A class that implements a derived interface must implement all members in the derived interface, including all members of the derived interface’s base interfaces.

Should interfaces inherit?

It’s a bad idea to inherit some interfaces such as IDisposable, since this forces all implementations of your new interface to implement the dispose pattern even if they do not have any disposable resources. Technically speaking, interfaces don’t inherit from each other.

Can I inherit 2 classes C#?

Multiple inheritance in C# C# does not support multiple inheritance , because they reasoned that adding multiple inheritance added too much complexity to C# while providing too little benefit. In C#, the classes are only allowed to inherit from a single parent class, which is called single inheritance .