What instrument does Lionel Hampton play?

What instrument does Lionel Hampton play?

the vibraphone
American jazz vibraphonist, percussionist, and bandleader Lionel Leo Hampton (1908 – 2002) began his music career playing drums and took up the vibraphone in the late 1920s.

What instrument did Lionel Hampton make popular during the 20th century?

Best known for his work on the vibraphone, Hampton was also a skilled drummer, pianist, and singer. As a boy, Hampton lived with his mother in Kentucky and Wisconsin before finally settling in Chicago, where he received tuition on the xylophone from percussionist Jimmy Bertrand.

What was Lionel Hampton known for?

The Lionel Hampton Orchestra became known around the world for its first-class jazz musicianship. As a composer and arranger, Hampton wrote more than 200 works, including the jazz standards Flying Home, Evil Gal Blues, and Midnight Sun. He also composed the major symphonic work, “King David Suite.”

What style of jazz is Lionel Hampton?

Lionel Hampton
Genres Swing big band mainstream jazz blues
Occupation(s) Musician composer
Instruments Vibraphone piano percussion
Years active 1927–2002

Is Lionel Hampton still alive?

Deceased (1908–2002)
Lionel Hampton/Living or Deceased

Did Lionel Hampton play drums?

He began his professional career as a drummer, going on the road with such bandleaders as Detroit Shannon and Les Hite before settling in Los Angeles in 1927, where he worked with Curtis Mosby’s Blues Blowers and Paul Howard’s Quality Serenaders, with whom he recorded in 1929 as a drummer, singer and pianist.

Who are three famous Vibraphones?

So, if you’re interested, here are 15 famous vibraphone players you should know about.

  • Roy Ayers (1940-)
  • Lionel Hampton (1908-2002)
  • Cal Tjader (1925-1982)
  • Gary Burton (1943-)
  • Bobby Hutcherson (1941-2016)
  • Mulatu Astatke (1943-)
  • Milt Jackson (1923-1999)
  • Terry Gibbs (1924-)

Did Bennie Goodman play with Lionel Hampton?

Mr. Hampton performed on piano and drums and was one of the first musicians to play the vibraphone in jazz, on groundbreaking recordings with Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter and Benny Goodman in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Who is a famous vibraphone player?

Notable players of the vibraphone include: Peter Appleyard. Mulatu Astatke. Roy Ayers.

Who is best vibe player?

Alice Coltrane: The Legacy Of A Pioneering Female Jazz Musician

  • 8: Stefon Harris.
  • 7: Walt Dickerson.
  • 6: Johnny Lytle.
  • 5: Cal Tjader.
  • 4: Gary Burton.
  • 3: Lionel Hampton.
  • 2: Bobby Hutcherson.
  • 1: Milt Jackson.

What kind of instrument did Lionel Hampton play?

Lionel Hampton. The vibraphone (sometimes known as the vibraharp or “vibes”), is an electrified instrument similar to a xylophone and marimba that is played by striking differently tuned aluminum bars with mallets. Hampton made the vibraphone a key instrument in jazz and eventually became known as “King of the Vibraharp.”.

How old was Lionel Hampton when he was born?

Lionel Hampton was born April 20, 1908, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Charles Edward Hampton and Gertrude M. Morgan.

What was the vibraphone invented by Lionel Hampton?

Invented ten years earlier, the vibraphone is essentially a xylophone with metal bars, a sustain pedal, and resonators equipped with electric-powered fans that add tremolo. While working with the Les Hite band, Hampton also occasionally did some performing with Nat Shilkret and his orchestra.

Who was the Italian singer with Lionel Hampton?

Hampton performed with Louis Armstrong and Italian singer Lara Saint Paul at the 1968 Sanremo Music Festival in Italy. The performance created a sensation with Italian audiences, as it broke into a real jazz session.