What is a 64 tetrahedron grid?

What is a 64 tetrahedron grid?

64 Tetrahedron Grid is the true structure of the vacuum. The grid 64 tetrahedron is a fractal structure that continues to grow endlessly. It’s the only three-dimensional fractal structure which generates expansion and contraction. The fundamental structure of space. The holofractal structure of the universal vacuum.

What is tetrahedron grid?

The 64 tetrahedron grid is a sub-section of what Buckminster Fuller called the Isotropic Vector Matrix, as are the cube, octahedron, tetrahedron, cuboctahedron, and star-tetrahedron.

What are the sacred geometry symbols?

What are the sacred geometry symbols?

  • Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is an element of sacred geometry art made up of seven overlapping symmetrical circles.
  • Seed of Life.
  • Egg of Life.
  • Vesica Pisces.
  • Eternal Knot.
  • Star of David.
  • Torus.
  • Tetrahedron.

How many Tetrahedrons are in a vector equilibrium?

Each vec- tor equilibrium has four directions in which it could turn inside out. It uses all four of them through the vector equilibrium’s common center and generates eight tetrahedra. The vector equilibrium is a tetrahedron exploding itself, turn- ing itself inside out in four possible directions.

What religion is the Flower of Life?

Judaism/Kabbalah The Tree of Life has been theorized to have come from the Flower of Life and is a prominent symbol in the Kabbalah discipline of esoteric Judaism.

What does a tetrahedron represent?

The tetrahedron is the three-dimensional case of the more general concept of a Euclidean simplex, and may thus also be called a 3-simplex. The tetrahedron is one kind of pyramid, which is a polyhedron with a flat polygon base and triangular faces connecting the base to a common point.

What does Metatron’s cube mean?

a mystical 3-dimension cube used by the Archangel Metatron to watch over the flow of energy connecting earth and the divine. contains all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying patterns of our universe. spins with energy to help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

What is the weakest geometric shape?

Geometric shapes do not have strength, that is a property of physical objects. It is believed that the Triangle has the weakest areas of a shape include hitting, locking, stances, moving, and so on.

What religion is the flower of life?

How do you know if a vector is in equilibrium?

If the object is at equilibrium, then the net force acting upon the object should be 0 Newton. Thus, if all the forces are added together as vectors, then the resultant force (the vector sum) should be 0 Newton.

What is the Equilibrant force vector?

This third force that would do the cancelling out is called the equilibrant. The equilibrant is a vector that is the exact same size as the resultant would be, but the equilibrant points in exactly the opposite direction.

Which is the flower of life?

The flower of life is another sacred geometric form. It is the symbol of creation. It is created by forming a circle then moving to the edge of that circle and forming another one. Each circle begins one radius away from the surrounding circles and is of equal size.