What is a guileful person?

What is a guileful person?

adjective. insidiously cunning; artfully deceptive; wily.

What’s another word for guileful?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for guileful, like: crafty, disingenuous, sharp, sneaky, cunning, scheming, duplicitous, artful, sly, tricky and wily.

How do you use how in a sentence?

We use how when we introduce direct and indirect questions:

  1. I haven’t seen you for ages.
  2. How was the film?
  3. Do you know how I can get to the bus station?
  4. I asked her how she was but she didn’t answer me.
  5. How old is your grandfather?
  6. How often do you get to your cottage at weekends?

How do you pronounce guileful?

  1. Phonetic spelling of guileful. guile-ful. gahyl-fuh l.
  2. Meanings for guileful.
  3. Examples of in a sentence.

What is having no guile?

People who have guile are also thought of as being wily (which is also a related word), sneaky, and deceitful. Those who are free of guile are pure and upstanding, and Henry David Thoreau affirms those feelings when he writes: “It is the work of a brave man surely, in whom there was no guile!”

What does knavish mean in English?

: of, relating to, or characteristic of a knave especially : dishonest.

Why do we use how?

We use How is …? to ask about someone’s general health or about the condition or state of something, or how people experience something: A: How’s your mother these days? (How is her general health?)

What is a question sentence?

An interrogative sentence is a type of sentence that asks a question, as opposed to sentences that make a statement, deliver a command, or express an exclamation. Interrogative sentences are typically marked by inversion of the subject and predicate; that is, the first verb in a verb phrase appears before the subject.

What is the word scheming mean?

adjective. given to making plans, especially sly and underhand ones; crafty.

What does Guilelessness mean?

guileless. adjective. Free from guile, cunning, or deceit: artless, ingenuous, innocent, naive, natural, simple, unaffected, unsophisticated, unstudied, unworldly.