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What is a military estimate?

What is a military estimate?

The Estimate is a 7-stage decision making tool designed to deliver a course of action from a body of information. In the military context it is complementary to, and assists in the implementation of, Mission Command.

What is Practac?

PRACTAC – and all the revision before it – entails sitting on hillsides looking onto an enemy position and trying to figure out how to assault the position using the combat estimate.

What are the steps of the military decision making process?

The MDMP consists of seven steps: receipt of mission, mission analysis, course of action (CO A) development, COA analysis, COA comparison, COA approval, and orders production. The MDMP offers a proven analytical process that assists the commander and staff in developing, integrating, and synchronizing their plan.

What is Battle procedure?

BATTLE PROCEDURE. Battle Procedure is the entire militaty process by which a commander receives his orders, makes. his reconnaissance and plan, issues his orders, prepares and deploys his troops and executes his. mission4.

What are the 7 questions?

The 7 questions are:

  • What is the situation and how does it affect me?
  • What have I been told to do and why?
  • What effects do I need to achieve and what direction must I give to develop my plan?
  • Where can I best accomplish each action or effect?
  • What resources do I need to accomplish each action or effect?

What are the 9 principles of war?

There are nine Principles of War. They are objective, offensive, mass, economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise, and simplicity.

How long is Army training?

about ten weeks
Basic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, depending on your military occupational specialty (MOS). After you graduate from basic training, you will undergo two additional phases of training, known as Advanced Individual Training, where you will learn the job skills required of your MOS.

What are the 5 paragraphs of an op order?

The order consists of an orientation and five paragraphs. The five paragraphs are: Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, and Command and Signal. Again, this format is commonly referred to and remembered by the acronym SMEAC. c.

What are the 7 steps in the Army problem solving model?

What is the seven step process in military problem solving? Identify the problem, Gather information and knowledge, Develop criteria, Generate possible solutions, analyze possible solution, Compare possible solution, Make and implement the decision.

What are the 4 principles of Battle procedure?


Term Principles Of War Definition 1. Selection and Maintenance of Aim 2. Maintenance of morale 3. Offensive Action 4. Surprise 5. Security 6. Concentration Of Force 7. Economy of Effort 8. Flexibility 9. Cooperation 10. Administration
Term What is the most important step in Battle Procedure? Definition Issue Orders

What does cake stand for Military?

battle procedure
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What are the 10 Wh questions?

Wh Question Examples

  • Who are you?
  • Who is he?
  • Who is she?
  • Who do you like?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Who is on the phone?
  • Who did it?
  • Who did you meet?

What are the 7 questions the military ask?

The Operational Estimate, the Tactical Estimate and the Combat Estimate, (the 7 Questions). Each of the methods allows careful consideration of factors which affect the achievement an aim, be it the seizure of a hilltop as part of a battle or organising a dinner night.

What are the seven questions of the combat estimate?

The seven questions of the combat estimate and our proposed surgical corollary are shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Surgical estimate – the ‘seven questions’ Broadly, questions 1 to 3 are concerned with the development of situational awareness and understanding of the mission and the battlespace.

What are the three methods of estimation in the military?

Junior and Senior Officers alike are taught 3 methods for undertaking estimations when looking to solve problems. The Operational Estimate, the Tactical Estimate and the Combat Estimate, (the 7 Questions).

What does question 3 in the Army mean?

Question 3 (Commander’s Intent and Guidance to Staff) sees the creation of the Effect Schematic and guidance from the Commander as to whether he wishes to develop a range of Courses of Action (COA) or the adoption and planning of a single COA.