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What is AEA certification?

What is AEA certification?

The AEA Certification tests a standard level of theoretical and practical competence in aquatic fitness program design and leadership for general populations approved for independent exercise. The AEA Certification reinforces guidelines for developing and delivering aquatic fitness programs in the community.

How do I become an aqua fit instructor?

Become a Group or Aqua Fitness Instructor

  1. Step 1: Fitness Theory Course (in class in Victoria or online from anywhere)
  2. Step 2: BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam.
  3. Step 3: Register with BCRPA.
  4. Step 4 – Group Fitness or Aqua Fitness Course.
  5. Step 5 – Practicum (8 hours)
  6. Keeping up your Registration:
  7. Older Adult Certification:

What is water exercise called?

Water aerobics (waterobics, aquatic fitness, aquafitness, aquafit) is the performance of aerobic exercise in water such as in a swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training.

What exercises can you do in a pool?

Pool exercises for a full-body workout

  • Walk in water. Walking in water is a good exercise to start off with as it helps you get a feeling for how you can create resistance.
  • Water arm lifts.
  • Lateral arm lifts.
  • Back wall glide.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Leg shoots.
  • High-knee lift extensions.
  • Leg kicks.

How do I get Silver Sneakers certified?

Become a SilverSneakers Instructor

  1. 18+ years old.
  2. CPR certification and a Tivity-Health-approved fitness credential: Two or four-year degree in health, exercise science, recreation or physical activity-related field.
  3. Completion of training workshop specific to the class format being offered.

How much do aquafit instructors make?

Water Aerobics Instructor Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $82,000 $39
75th Percentile $73,500 $35
Average $58,824 $28
25th Percentile $41,500 $20

How do I become a fitness instructor in BC?

Step 1

  1. Complete Infofit’s Fitness Theory Course.
  2. Write & pass BCRPA fitness theory exam $110.
  3. Complete basic CPR first aid course (8 hours)
  4. Submit copies of Fitness Theory passing exam grade, First aid & CPR/AED , and $109 registration fee to BCRPA.

How do seniors learn water aerobics?

  1. Aqua Jogging. Aqua jogging is the perfect aerobic, low-impact exercise to get the heart pumping and blood flowing throughout the body.
  2. Flutter Kicking. Flutter kicking is another great low-impact cardio exercise.
  3. Leg Lifts.
  4. Standing Water Push-ups.
  5. Arm Curls.

What do I need for water aerobics?

What equipment is needed for water aerobics?

  1. Kickboards. Kickboards are a tried-and-true way of exercising your lower body during an aquatic aerobics class.
  2. Water jogging belt.
  3. Aquatic dumbbells.
  4. Wrist and ankle weights.
  5. Swim bar.

How many times a week should I do water aerobics?

Doing water aerobics five times a week will yield the best results, while also leaving plenty of time for your body to rest and relax between classes.