What is Andros Greece known for?

What is Andros Greece known for?

Boasting a natural landscape with lush vegetation, imposing mountains, virgin beaches, and rural villages, Andros Greece is a go-to destination for those who crave a getaway near Athens. Although it is a summertime favorite for tourists, the island has managed to keep its unspoiled charm!

Do you need a car on Andros?

Road Trip Through Central Andros First, our most important tip: Definitely rent a car for your holiday on Andros! You will not regret it one second, because to really experience Andros, you just need a vehicle.

How many days do you need in Andros?

If you just want to see Andros’ main points of interest and have a road trip around the island, then 2 days in Andros would be enough. But, if you’re coming to Andros to hike and want to enjoy its many marked trails, you can of course stay longer!

How do you get around Andros Greece?

Getting around Andros by car If you want to be independent, the best way to get around Andros is by car. It might take you some time to get used to driving on the narrow, winding roads, but you should be fine in a few minutes.

Is Andros a pretty island?

The trip to Andros was quiet long, we had to take to ferries and a car route, as well, but it was nice. The island is good, beautiful beaches and two nice villages, Batsi and Chora. The island is beautiful and pleasantly unspoiled, given that it is just 2 hours away from Athens.

How do you get around Andros island?

You can only reach Andros directly by ferry which departs from Rafina port, not Piraeus port. You can get to Rafina by bus or taxi. It’s about 30 minutes’ worth of a drive there from Athens’ airport. The ferry takes only 2 hours to reach Andros island.

Is Andros always windy?

The only annoying thing is the strong wind, it is windy almost every afternoon, so if you want to swim that time, choose carefully your beaches, because. . . read more. For the rest, Andros has excellent nature and lovely villages to discover.

How do I get to Andros?

Can you drink tap water in Andros Greece?

In some areas, you can find water in springs especially in mountainous regions where you can see locals filling up bottles to take home for use. Generally in most of the Greek Islands like Mykonos and Santorini you cannot drink water from the tap.

What makes Andros Island in Greece so popular?

What is Andros famous for? Unlike most of the other Cyclades, Andros is a very green island, with lots of springs and running water. Andros is said to have over 170 beaches, and as a result it’s quite popular with Greeks, especially with Greek families.

Which is better Santorini or Andros in Greece?

The Greek island of Andros seems to be largely unknown among first time visitors to Greece. It’s a shame on the one hand, because this Cycladic island has far better beaches than Santorini, and more picturesque villages than Mykonos. On the other hand, it’s great that Andros is a lot quieter than those two more famous islands!

How many people live on the island of Andros?

According to the latest Greek census of 2011, the town of Andros still numbered 1,665 inhabitants, and the island’s total was 9,221. The island is composed of the municipal units of Andros (town) (pop. 3,901), Korthio (pop. 1,948), and Ydrousa (pop. 3,372). The north of Andros has a small Arvanite community.

Where are the best beaches on Andros Island?

Gorgeous beaches, some popular, others isolated, but all beautiful and unique with crystal clear, sky-blue waters are only two hours away from the hustle and bustle of Athens. Gavrio, located in the northwest of Andros, is the island’s…