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What is cpt L1907?

What is cpt L1907?

L1907 – Ankle orthosis, supramalleolar with straps, with or without interface/pads, custom fabricated.

Is L4397 covered by Medicare?

Codes L4396, L4397 and L4392 will be denied as not reasonable and necessary for a beneficiary with a foot drop but without an ankle flexion contracture. Medicare does not reimburse for a foot drop splint/recumbent positioning device (L4398) or replacement interface (L4394).

What is CPT code L1902?

Ankle orthosis
L1902 Ankle orthosis, ankle gauntlet or similar, with or without joints, prefabricated, off-the-shelf.

What is L1932 for?

L1932 (AFO, RIGID ANTERIOR TIBIAL SECTION, TOTAL CARBON FIBER OR EQUAL MATERIAL, PREFABRICATED, INCLUDES FITTING AND ADJUSTMENT) describes a prefabricated Ankle Foot Orthosis designed to control the dorsiflexion and plantarflexion, and inversion and eversion, motions of the ankle foot complex.

What is CPT code L4350?

L4350 Ankle control orthosis, stirrup style, rigid, includes any type interface (e.g., pneumatic, gel), prefabricated, off-the-shelf.

Does CPT L4361 need a modifier?

When submitting L4361 to commercial insurances, please note that RT and/or LT modifiers are always required.

What is CPT L3260?

HCPCS Level II code L3260 is defined as: SURGICAL BOOT/SHOE, EACH. A postoperative shoe is NOT separately payable when it is dispensed in conjunction with a surgical procedure code. It is considered to be part of the procedure. In reality, the shoe is considered to be part of the dressing.

What is CPT code L3807?

Code L3807 is a static, prefabricated wrist hand and finger orthosis, which controls the wrist, hand and finger(s). This orthosis is customized to fit a specific patient by an individual with expertise.

What is a KX modifier?

The KX modifier, described in subsection D., is added to claim lines to indicate that the clinician attests that services at and above the therapy caps are medically necessary and justification is documented in the medical record.

What is KH modifier?

KH — DMEPOS ITEM, INITIAL CLAIM, PURCHASE OR FIRST MONTH RENTAL. This modifier is used for a capped rental DME item. When using the KH modifier, you are indicating you are billing for the first month of the capped rental period.

Is CPT L3260 covered by Medicare?

There is only one HCPCS code that is appropriate for a post-op shoe (L3260, surgical shoe, each). Like orthotics, this item is a statutorily excluded benefit by Medicare and DME and will not be covered under any circumstances.

Is L3260 DME?

HCPCS Code L3260 L3260 is a valid 2021 HCPCS code for Surgical boot/shoe, each or just “Ambulatory surgical boot eac” for short, used in Lump sum purchase of DME, prosthetics, orthotics.