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What is DCNR in PA?

What is DCNR in PA?

Established on July 1, 1995, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is charged with: Maintaining and protecting 121 state parks. Providing information on the state’s ecological and geologic resources.

How do I contact PA DCNR?

If you need help finding the appropriate contact person, call DCNR at 717-787-2869 (TTY, 1-800-654-5984) or use the Contact Form below.

How do you become a DC DCNR Ranger?

Individuals who want to learn how to become park rangers in Pennsylvania must:

  1. Be a Pennsylvania resident.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Possess a valid driver’s license.
  4. Possess a current American Red Cross certification in multi-media first aid or standard first aid, or a U.S. Bureau of Mines certificate in first aid.

How many state parks are in Pennsylvania?

121 state parks
Many of the national parks in Pennsylvania are designated historical sites that offer walking trails and other outdoor activities as a unique way to experience the natural beauty in the state. Pennsylvania has 121 state parks, 19 national parks, and seven National Heritage Areas.

Do all park rangers carry guns?

Enforcing Park Regulations and Laws – Park rangers have a duty to uphold and enforce all laws—even those that do not pertain to parks. However, they usually only enforce park regulations unless they come across an illegal activity in a park. They do carry firearms and are trained to defend themselves.

How much does a PA DCNR Ranger make?

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Pennsylvania According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Pennsylvania makes a median salary of $65,770 per year.

Are state parks open in PA during Covid?

Pennsylvanians are advised to stay as close to home as possible for outdoor recreation. All DCNR lands including trails, lakes, rivers, streams, forests, roads, and parking areas are accessible statewide for recreation; however, the availability of facilities such as bathrooms, offices, and campgrounds varies.

How do I cancel a PA state park reservation?

The center can be reached at 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757). To cancel any backpacking reservations, please contact the specific state park where you have a reservation. Cancellations made up to close of business seven days prior to your scheduled arrival date will incur a $10.00 cancellation fee per reservation.

Do park rangers carry guns?

Park rangers are considered peace officers, which means they are authorized to carry a weapon and make arrests.

What is the most popular state park in Pennsylvania?

1. Presque Isle State Park, Erie – Home to Pennsylvania’s only seashore, this 3,200-acre state park borders Lake Erie. In 2019, it logged the highest attendance rate of any state park in Pennsylvania with 3,719,182 visitors! 2.

What is the smallest state park in PA?

Sand Bridge State Park
Smallest state park It is Sand Bridge State Park occupies three acres in Union County that the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website describes as a lovely picnic spot.

Can park ranger pull you over?

Can Park police pull you over on the highway? Yes, generally, as long as the officer is a peace officer, they can enforce any law, including the vehicle and traffic laws.