What is private Quelch?

What is private Quelch?

Private Quelch was a man who has a lot knowledge of many things, but was punished because he made a show of his knowledge in season and out of season. The narrator calls this man as Private Quelch. The narrator first met him at the army training depot. Private Quelch was nicknamed as ‘Profesor’.

Why was private Quelch unpopular with his comrades and instructors?

Answer. Private Quelch was in the habit of finding faults with others. He would flaunt his knowledge by correcting even his seniors in the public. This habit of his made him unpopular in the army camp.

Why did his fellow trainees dislike private Quelch?

Why did his fellow trainees dislike Private Quelch? Answer: Private Quelch’s fellow trainees disliked him because each time one of them made a mistake he would publicly correct him. Whenever one of them shone in their work, he outshone them.

Who was private Quelch in The Man Who Knew Too Much?

Answer: (a) The nickname of Private Quelch was ‘Professor’. (b) He was called Professor because of his habit of sermonizing to one and all.

What was the nickname of private Quelch?

The nickname of Private Quelch was the ‘Professor’. Another nickname for him could be ‘Mr. Show Off’.

What was private Quelch goal in life?

The ambition of private quelch was to get a high rank in the army and for this he did a lot of practice but because of this behaviour he got a post of cooking.

How did private Quelch take his defeat?

The great defeat in Private Quelch was his sense of exhibitionism. He utilised his “intelligent reading” only to badger the instructors with questions. He irritated a Sergeant by his interruption during the lesson. In the hope of revenge, he turned with his questions again and again to the Professor.

What does Quelch mean?

quelch (plural quelches) (dialectal) A blow; a bang.

How is the appearance of private Quelch?

Private Quelch was lanky, he was stooping and often frowned through his horn- rimmed spectacles. His nickname was Professor. He got such a nickname by his colleagues because they were in awe of his knowledge.

What does squelched out mean?

1a : to fall or stamp on so as to crush. b(1) : to completely suppress : quell squelch resistance. (2) : silence squelched the protesters. 2 : to emit or move with a sucking sound. intransitive verb.

What does it mean to quench your thirst?

: to cause oneself/someone to stop feeling thirsty He quenched his thirst by drinking a bottle of water.

How is private Quelch character trait suggested by his physical appearance?

Why was private Quelch known as professor Quelch?

(a) The nickname of Private Quelch was ‘Professor’. (b) He was called Professor because of his habit of sermonizing to one and all. (c) ‘likely to have/get’.

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