What is rescue Hook?

What is rescue Hook?

This Rescue Hook is designed to pull out persons from the source of danger. Made out of composite materials the rod is not only durable and strong but also fully non-conductive. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (but only in dry conditions).

What is insulated rescue hook?

Insulated rescue hooks feature a foam-filled, fiberglass. reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation and a coated, heat treated body hook with an. 18” opening and are made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. The stick is available in the. standard lengths of 6 and 8 feet.

What is a safety hook?

The standard defines “safety hook” as “a hook with a latch to prevent slings or load from accidentally slipping off the hook.” (29 CFR §1910.181(a)(29)).

How does a hot stick work?

The hot stick not only electrically insulates the worker from the energized conductor, it provides physical separation from the device being operated, to reduce the chances of burns which might result from electrical arcing if there is a malfunction of the device being operated.

How much wear is allowed in a hook?

Each hoist manufacturer’s manual will tell you how to measure the hook. Look for excessive wear or corrosion on the hook. Any wear exceeding 10% of the original section dimension of the hook or its load pin means the hook should be removed from service.

What are rescue hooks used for?

Rescue hooks are an essential electrical safety item for the retrieval of victims from electric shock. Electrical safety rescue hooks protect the rescuer against electrical shock.

What is a hook latch Crane?

A remote operated hook latch allows the crane operator to engage and disengage the safety latch on your crane hook from a distance to keep floor personnel out of danger. In many cases Bradley Lifting can custom design a remote operated hook latch to fit onto your existing crane hook.