What is SRES A2 scenario?

What is SRES A2 scenario?

The A2 scenario is at the higher end of the SRES emissions scenarios (but not the highest), and this was preferred because, from an impacts and adaptation point of view, if one can adapt to a larger climate change, then the smaller climate changes of the lower end scenarios can also be adapted to.

What is SRES A1B?

The SRES A1B Emissions Scenarios Major underlying themes are economic and cultural convergence and capacity building, with a substantial reduction in regional differences in per capita income. In this world, people pursue personal wealth rather than environmental quality.

What is a high emission scenario?

Emission scenarios are possible pathways that society might take in the the emission of greenhouse gases in the future. Society could continue to pollute heavily, or it could switch to minimal emissions in harnessing its energy, or anything in between.

How many climate change scenarios are there?

5 possible climate futures—from the optimistic to the strange. Five future climate scenarios underpin the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report.

What does RCP 2.6 mean?

The CM3 is just one of many climate models that are analyzed to make predictions about our changing climate. The RCP 2.6 scenario is a so-called “peak” scenario, which means the radiative forcing level reaches 3.1 W/m2 by mid-century but returns to 2.6 W/m2 by 2100.

What does RCP 4.5 mean?

Representative Concentration Pathway
Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 4.5 is a scenario of long-term, global emissions of greenhouse gases, short-lived species, and land-use-land- cover which stabilizes radiative forcing at 4.5 Watts per meter squared (W m- 2, approximately 650 ppm CO2-equivalent) in the year 2100 without ever.

What is the most likely RCP?

RCP 4.5 is more likely than not to result in global temperature rise between 2 degrees C, and 3 degrees C, by 2100 with a mean sea level rise 35% higher than that of RCP 2.6. Many plant and animal species will be unable to adapt to the effects of RCP 4.5 and higher RCPs.

What does RCP 8.5 stand for?

RCP 8.5 refers to the concentration of carbon that delivers global warming at an average of 8.5 watts per square meter across the planet. RCP 8.5 is often contrasted with RCP 2.6, which would deliver a total warming of about 1.8˚C by 2100.

Is RCP 2.6 possible?

2 per year (GtCO2/yr). RCP 2.6 is likely to keep global temperature rise below 2 °C by 2100.

What level is carbon dioxide predicted to reach by 2050?

5”), CO2 levels will reach 550ppm by 2050.

What are the 4 RCPs?

The four RCPs range from very high (RCP8. 5) through to very low (RCP2. 6) future concentrations. The numerical values of the RCPs (2.6, 4.5, 6.0 and 8.5) refer to the concentrations in 2100.

What’s the worst case scenario for global warming?

The team estimate that this “worst-case scenario” would mean the population at risk of the diseases might increase by 4.7 billion people, particularly in lowlands and urban areas, if temperatures rise 3.7°C by 2100 compared to pre-industrial levels.