What is the best place to get sheet music for piano?

What is the best place to get sheet music for piano?

Amazon is really dependable for most sheet music basics like current method books, collections of piano solos and classics. Sometimes if I’m looking for something very specific or out of date, I have to look elsewhere, but otherwise Amazon has an excellent selection of print music.

Who is the composer of Tarantella?

Felix Mendelssohn
Felix Mendelssohn wrote a piece called “Tarantella” in 1845 (Op. 102, No. 3).

Why is piano sheet music so expensive?

So why is sheet music so expensive? Sheet music is expensive because it costs a lot of money to produce. Many people are involved in the publishing of sheet music and they must be paid at every stage. Composing, engraving, editing, publishing, printing, shipping and selling at stores drive the cost of sheet music up.

How can I get piano sheet music for free?

Here is a list of some of my favorite websites with free sheet music.

  1. IMSLP. IMSLP is a library of public domain music.
  2. MUSOPEN. MUSOPENalso has a library of public domain sheet music and recordings.
  3. 8Notes. 8Notes site is organized by instrument and they have everything.
  4. MuseScore.
  5. Free Scores.

Why is it called Tarantella?

Also known as “the dance of the spider,” the Tarantella is derived from the Italian word tarantola, meaning “tarantula.” The tarantola gets its name from the town of Taranto in Puglia, where the bite of the local wolf spider (the tarantula) was widely believed to be highly poisonous and led to a condition known as “ …

Is the waltz a classy dance?

Although we think of Waltz as classy, the form was considered vulgar and immoral when first introduced to English ballrooms in the early 1800’s. Shortly thereafter, the Waltz was introduced to the United States where the dance and music developed a slower tempo.

What is the most famous dance in Italy?

the tarantella
Among the many folk dances of Italy, the tarantella is arguably the most famous . The tarantella is a lively southern Italian folk dance, usually in 3/8 or 6/8 time, that is often performed at weddings .

Why is it called the tarantella?

How much should you pay for sheet music?

Though most sheet music sells for between $3 and $15, some can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

How much does it cost to print music?

Rates usually depend on the length of the record per side. This can range from $150 – $230 per side ($300 – $460 per record) with the average being around $200 per side ($400 per record).