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What is the best post move?

What is the best post move?

9 Low Post Moves

  • Jump Hook. The simple jump hook is the #1 post move every player should have in their bag of tricks.
  • Up and Under. The Kevin ‘Post Moves Master’ McHale special.
  • Drop Step. The drop step can be a deadly weapon in your post move arsenal.
  • Fadeaway.
  • Quick Spin.
  • Back Down.
  • The Skyhook.
  • Face Up, Jump Shot.

What is post fade?

A signal derived from the channel path of a mixer after the channel fader. A post-fade aux send level follows any channel fader changes. Normally used for feeding effects devices.

How important is post moves 2K21?

Knowing how to successfully execute post moves in NBA 2K21 will be of a huge advantage to you, especially when it comes to scoring from crucial position in critical situation. At the end, the 2 pointers you score from post moves will total up for quite a significant number of your total score at the end of each game.

What makes a great post player?

A post player, by virtue of his physical position on the court, has to be willing to run endline to endline even though he won’t get the ball most of the time. He must be willing to defend on every play and make up for his teammate’s shortcomings. He is the goalie, the last person that can protect the basket.

What is post up low?

“Post up” – offensive move wherein a low post player positions himself, and “seals” his defender off so that he can receive the pass down low on the block, where he can use a “post move” for a score, or quickly pass the ball back outside to an open team-mate for a three-pointer (going “inside-out”).

What are the best low post moves to learn?

9 Low Post Moves. 1 1. Jump Hook. The simple jump hook is the #1 post move every player should have in their bag of tricks. It’s simple, effective, and can be used by any 2 2. Up and Under. 3 3. Drop Step. 4 4. Fadeaway. 5 5. Quick Spin.

What’s the best way to play the post?

Playing at the high post and short corner are also important, expecially for smaller post players. First, we’ll discuss low post play, near the basket and some basic post moves. For breakdown drills, see Post Player Breakdown Drills and Motion Offense Breakdown Drills. Before you can make a scoring move in the low post, you have to get the ball.

How to perform 3 unstoppable post moves?

1 Drop Step to the Baseline This is the most basic post move, but if you develop it, the defense will have a hard time stopping it. 2 Up & Under The most important part of this move is the ball fake: sell to the defender that you are going shoot the ball. 3 Turn Around-Ball Fake-Spin

How to be a great low post player?

The low post player with the ball fakes to the baseline and then makes a power dribble into the lane and fakes a jump-hook. With the defender in the air, he now makes a spin move back to the baseline and finishes with the lay-up.