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What is the book Bright Lights, Big City about?

What is the book Bright Lights, Big City about?

The novel Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney relates the tale of a young man working for a prominent newspaper in Manhattan by day, while visiting many bars and nightclubs during the night. He manages to accomplish this through the help of his use of cocaine, to which he is powerfully addicted.

What genre is Bright Lights, Big City?

FictionDark comedy
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Bright Lights, Big City is a 1988 American drama film directed by James Bridges, starring Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates, Dianne Wiest and Jason Robards, and based on the novel by Jay McInerney, who also wrote the screenplay.

Is Bright Lights, Big City autobiographical?

Writer Jay McInerney became famous in the 1980s for Bright Lights, Big City, a semi-autobiographical novel about a young man who parties in the cocaine-dusted clubs of Manhattan, but the drama in his latest book is more domestic in nature.

Who is Amanda in Bright Lights, Big City?

Phoebe Cates
The film is the record of roughly a week in the life of Jamie Conway (Michael J. Fox), a young man with literary pretensions who has moved with Amanda (Phoebe Cates), his model-beautiful wife, from Kansas City to New York to become a writer.

Is Bright Lights, Big City in second person?

For those of you unfamiliar with Jay McInerney’s novel about a young, self-destructive fact-checker running wild in New York, Bright Lights, Big City (1984) is written entirely in the second person.

Who wrote Bright Lights, Big City?

Jay McInerney
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Is Bright Lights Big City in second person?

Where was Bright Lights Big City?

Jamie’s Apartment, 24 Charles Street and Waverly Place, Manhattan. Bryant Park, 6th Avenue and West 42nd Street, Manhattan. Charles Street and Waverly Place, Manhattan. Subway, 7th Avenue South and Christopher Street, Manhattan.

Who wrote Bright Lights Big City song?

Jimmy Reed
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What happens at the end of Bright Lights Big City?

The movie ends with Jamie staggering out into the bright dawn of a new day and, in a scene a little too contrived for my taste, trading his dark glasses for a loaf of bread. “Bright Lights, Big City” is a “Lost Weekend” for the 1980s, a chronicle of wasted days and misplaced nights.

What happens at the end of Bright Lights, Big City?

What is the second person point of view?

Second person point of view is often used for giving directions, offering advice, or providing an explanation. This perspective allows the writer to make a connection with his or her audience by focusing on the reader. Second person personal pronouns include you, your, and yours.

When was Bright Lights Big City first published?

Jay McInerney’s debut novel, Bright Lights, Big City, was first published in August 1984 and made McInerney an instant literary star.

Which is the best study guide for Bright Lights Big City?

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Who are the main characters in Bright Lights Big City?

The novel follows a young man, living in Manhattan as if he owned it, through nightclubs, fashion shows, editorial offices, and loft parties as he attempts to outstrip mortality and the recurring approach of dawn. With nothing but goodw

Can you read Bright Lights Big City on Kindle?

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