What is the code for Deus Ex Human Revolution?

What is the code for Deus Ex Human Revolution?

Detroit Police Station

Location Code Type of Lock
B1 (Holding Cells) 3925 Security Panel
B1 (Sewer Entrance) 2599 Laser Grid Panel (2)
B1 (Morgue Entrance) 7366 Laser Grid Panel (2)
B1 (Morgue) 9212 Security Panel (1)

How many endings does Deus Ex have?

There are three possible endings to Deus Ex.

What does 0451 mean?

0451 is the number of the United Nations resolution that ratified the creation of Task Force 29. Another reference to 451 is made in a Picus TV news report that mentions a Cista Airlines 451 plane crash. A direct reference to Fahrenheit 451 is made in an e-mail found in the Time Machine.

How do you save both prisoners and Kavanagh?

There is a third way to stop the gas distribution saving both Dr. Kavanagh and the prisoners by destroying the gas dispersal valve in a secret room awarding the All of the Above achievement in addition to 4000 XP for the completion of both objectives.

How many Deus Ex Human Revolution endings are there?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Each of the four ending choices have three variations in the ending monologue depending on whether the player employed pacifist means, took violent action, or a mix of both methods (neutral) when dealing with situations throughout the game. This means that the game has twelve unique endings.

Can you save both Deus Ex mankind divided?

Summary: If you want to stop Marchenko and save the delegates, you have to complete both quests before the time elapses. Otherwise, you’ll see one of the possible bad endings (skyscrapers destroyed by Marchenko’s bombs and/or the death of Nathaniel Brown and the delegates).

Should I choose Allison or the bank?

If you choose the Bank: Allison will be killed and her intelligence will be lost. Instead you’ll be fighting Palisade Property Bank security and robots, who do generally drop less interesting loot. Miller will be pissed and Allison will die, but your hacker collective friends will be happy.

What does 0451 mean in rdr2?

However, Warren Spector later revealed that 0451 was actually just the door code to access the Looking Glass Studios offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

Where are the codes in Deus Ex Human Revolution?

Sarif HQ Location Code Type of Lock Helipad Storage 8053 Security Panel (5) Sarif Industries F2 (Jerry Maher, Office 0123 Security Panel (3) Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Off 1364 Security Panel (2) Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office) 9642 Security Panel (2)

What happens if you use a password on Deus Ex?

Remember that using a password on a PC or device means you lose the experience points from the hacking attempt, as well as possible experience bonuses from the data stores in that device’s network.

Is the Deus Ex Human Revolution director’s cut compatible?

It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support . This item is incompatible with Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut.