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What is the common name of achyranthes Aspera?

What is the common name of achyranthes Aspera?

prickly chaff flower
L. Achyranthes aspera (common names: chaff-flower, prickly chaff flower, devil’s horsewhip, Sanskrit: अपामार्ग apāmārga) is a species of plant in the family Amaranthaceae.

Which type of inflorescence is found in Achyranthes?

Inflorescence : A spike with reflexed flowers arranged on long peduncle. Flowers : Bracteate, bracteolate, bracteoles two, shorter than perianth, dry, membranous and persistent, sessile, complete, hermaphrodite, actinomorphic, pentamerous, hypogynous, small, spinescent, green.

Is achyranthes Aspera poisonous?

of Achyranthes Aspera L were found to be nontoxic.

Is achyranthes Aspera edible?

Seeds and leaves are edible. Medicinal traditional use: The crushed leaves are used to treat dog bites.

How do you control achyranthes Aspera?

aspera can be controlled by herbicide but herbicide-resistance has been documented.

How do you use achyranthes Aspera?

How to use Achyranthes aspera

  1. Apamarga Jucie with water. a. Take 1-2 teaspoon Apamarga Juice. b. Add same quantity of water.
  2. Apamarga Churna with Honey or water. a. Take ¼-½ teaspoon Apamarga Churna. b.
  3. Apamarga or Apamarga kshara Capsule with water. a. Take 1-2 Apamarga or Apamarga kshara capsule. b.
  4. Apamarga Kshar with Honey.

What is a spadix flower?

: a floral spike with a fleshy or succulent axis usually enclosed in a spathe.

What is devil horse whip used for?

Achyranthes aspera is a medicinal plant and can also be used as a diuretic for goats and for other veterinary purposes.

What is achyranthes used for?

It possesses valuable medicinal properties and used in treatment of cough, bronchitis and rheumatism, malarial fever, dysentery, asthma, hypertension and diabetes in Indian folklore. Present study was designed to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of an aqueous extracts of Achyranthes aspera (AEAA).

How do I use aerva Lanata?

Aerva lanata drink (infusion) was prepared using dried herb in 200 ml of hot water. The herb was steeped for 15 min and then the infusion was strained. According to WHO criteria, several doses should be used to study the long-term toxic effects of an herb.

What is Apamarg in English?

Apamarga is botanically known as Achyranthes aspera Linn. and in English, it is called as prickly chaff flower. It is available abundantly. Copious description of Apamarga is available in Ayurveda.

What is the purpose of a spadix?

It is typically thick and fleshy, having very tiny flowers clustered on it. You may not be able to tell these are actually flowers. A fun fact about the spadix is that in some plants it actually produces heat, probably to attract pollinators.

How tall does the Achyranthes aspera plant grow?

Achyranthes aspera is an erect or spreading long-lived ( perennial) herb which can grow up to 2 m tall. Its stems become woody at the base.

What can you use the ashes of Achyranthes aspera for?

The leaves, taken fresh and reduced to a pulp, are considered a good remedy when applied externally to the bites of scorpions. The ashes of the plant yield a considerable quantity of potash, which is used in washing clothes.

Where can aspera be found in the world?

A. aspera frequently occurs in waste areas, and along roadsides, foot paths, railroads and sand dunes. It often infests fence rows, open woodland, and the borders of forests and plantations. It has adapted to a wide range of environments ( Holm et al., 1979 ).

What is the risk of introduction of aspera?

The risk of introduction of A. aspera is high. It is a widespread weedy pantropical species readily transported to new habitats because its spiny fruits easily detach and stick to clothes, fur, and feathers. Consequently, seeds of this species may be easily transported to new habitats by birds, mammals, and humans.