What is the Liferay message bus?

What is the Liferay message bus?

Liferay’s Message Bus is a service level API that components can use to send and receive messages. It provides loose coupling between message producers and consumers. The Message Bus is located in Liferay’s global class loader, making it accessible to every deployed web application.

What is a message bus?

A Message Bus is a combination of a common data model, a common command set, and a messaging infrastructure to allow different systems to communicate through a shared set of interfaces.

Is Kafka a message bus?

Kafka is a message bus optimized for high-ingress data streams and replay. Kafka can be seen as a durable message broker where applications can process and re-process streamed data on disk.”

How does message bus work?

Unlike queues, where the sending application explicitly adds messages to every queue, a message bus uses a publish/subscribe model. Messages are published to the bus, and any application that has subscribed to that kind of message will receive it.

When should I use a message broker?

When Is a Message Broker Needed?

  1. If you want to control data feeds. For example, the number of registrations in any system.
  2. When the task is to send data to several applications and avoid direct use of their API.
  3. When you need to complete processes in a defined order, like a transactional system.

Can Kafka lost messages?

acks=1 : Means leader sends acknowledgement to the producer after it writes the message to its own replica without waiting for followers to replicate the messages. So, if the leader fails before any follower replicates the message, the record is lost.

How do I send a message to the service bus topic?

SendMessage function is used to send a message to Azure service bus topic using topic client and the BrokeredMessage is used to hold the message.

  1. static void Main(string[] args)
  2. {
  3. SendMessage(“Hello I’m Azure Service Bus Topic “);
  4. }
  5. static void SendMessage(string message)
  6. {

What is message broker used for?

A message broker is software that enables applications, systems, and services to communicate with each other and exchange information. The message broker does this by translating messages between formal messaging protocols.

What happens when a Kafka consumer goes down?

Consumer rebalance is triggered anytime a Kafka consumer with the same group ID joins the group or leaves. Leaving the consumer group can be done explicitly by closing a consumer connection, or by timeout if the JVM or server crashed.

What are Service Bus topics?

Azure Service Bus Topic is a messaging service offered by Microsoft Azure. Topics along with subscriptions provide a one-to-many form of communication, in a publish/subscribe pattern. Messages are sent to a topic and delivered to one or more subscriptions, based on filter rules that are set on a per subscription basis.

What is a topic in messaging?

A topic is the subject of the information that is published in a publish/subscribe message. Messages in point-to-point systems are sent to a specific destination address. In content-based systems, messages are sent to subscribers based on the contents of the message itself. …

What is message broker examples?

Examples of message brokers The most popular message brokers are RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Redis, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS. Each of them is a great and powerful tool to use. For some basic cases and low load, you would not see the difference between them.