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What is the longest running Canadian TV show?

What is the longest running Canadian TV show?

The Beachcombers is a Canadian comedy-drama television series that ran on CBC Television from October 1, 1972, to December 12, 1990. With over 350 episodes, it is one of the longest-running dramatic series ever made for English-language Canadian television.

What is the show where they go back in time?

Timeless. An unlikely trio travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it.

Why was Continuum Cancelled?

In an interview with TV Goodness, Barry revealed that the abbreviated season forced him to cut part of the story he wanted to share out. “We did have a plan to show the Traveler’s story and branch out and tell his story in much more detail and [explore] how his journey connected to the larger Continuum mythology.

Is Continuum coming back to Netflix?

When and why is Continuum leaving Netflix? All four seasons of the show are due to leave Netflix on November 15th in the United States. The reason for the removal is that Netflix or Showcase has decided not to renew the streaming license going forward.

What is the number one TV show in Canada?

1. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is both extremely popular and widely loathed. The seemingly endless sitcom reached its series finale this year.

What is the longest-running TV series ever?

The Simpsons
List of longest-running scripted American primetime television series

Number of seasons Series Number of episodes
33 The Simpsons 710
23 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 499
20 Gunsmoke 635
20 Law & Order 456

Is lost about time travel?

Time travel is a recurring theme and part of the mythology on Lost. First hinted in the season 2 episode, “The Long Con”, the Island constantly moves, and by using an ancient wheel underneath the Orchid, the electromagnetic power on the Island allows the inhabitants to travel through time. FARADAY: Time. …

Is Lost a time travel series?

Surprisingly, the best time travel story ever on TV was actually an episode of Lost — a series that wasn’t even ostensibly about time travel. As surprising as it may be, season 4 of Lost offered the best time travel story that’s ever been on TV, despite the fact that Lost wasn’t even a time travel show.

Is Continuum a Canadian show?

Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series created by Simon Barry that premiered on Showcase on May 27, 2012, and ran for four seasons.

Who killed Kiera Cameron?

Brad Tonkin
Kiera Cameron

Biographical Information
Cause of Death: Shot by Brad Tonkin (Alternative Timeline)
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alias: Linda Williams
Occupation: Protector

Where can I watch Continuum 2021?

You are able to stream Continuum by renting or purchasing on Vudu or iTunes.

Does Continuum have an ending?

It’s official, Continuum fans. The show has officially been renewed for a six-episode fourth season by both its original Canadian channel, Canada’s Showcase, and its US distributor, Syfy, but this will sadly be the series’ final one.