What is the main ingredient in Blistex?

What is the main ingredient in Blistex?

The active substance is docosanol. One gram of cream contains 100mg docosanol. The other ingredients are sucrose stearates, light mineral oil, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol and purified water. Blistex Cold Sore Cream is a white cream.

What does Blistex Deep Renewal do?

Product description Deep Renewal is an advanced formula that delivers superb moisturization and is clinically shown to reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging and improve lip health and vitality with consistent use. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and revitalizes lips.

Is Blistex Herbal Answer discontinued?

Unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore. I found Blistex Herbal Answer to replace Cold and Allergy. So far, it is doing so. It keeps my lips moist for hours without further drying them out (whoever thinks menthol is a good idea for lip balm should be fired) and it has a pleasant taste/smell.

Is Blistex actually medicated?

Blistex lip products definitely soothe super chapped, sore lips. Perhaps this explains why Blistex sells more than $100 million worth of their “medicated” lip balm every year! While Blistex offers short-term relief from the pain of chapped lips, it contains ingredients that may carry other health risks.

Can I use Blistex everyday?

It is best not to apply this medicine more than 4 times daily. Do not apply this medicine over large surfaces of your skin, or cover treated skin with a bandage or other covering. Call your doctor if your symptoms do not improve, or if they get worse while using this medicine.

Can you still buy Blistex Cold Sore Cream?

always read the label. Unfortunately Blistex Cold Sore Cream is out of stock until further notice.

Does Blistex hemp and Shea have SPF?

Superior Lip Protection. Great lip protection and awesome flavor. Already a huge fan of [product:blistex-deep-renewal-lip-protectant,-spf-15]. FIVE stars for the pia colada flavored in the pack.

Is it OK to use Blistex everyday?

Why you shouldn’t use Carmex?

Besides the camphor and menthol, Carmex also includes several other ingredients that can cause sensitivity. The irritation creates a never-ending cycle of Carmex addiction. Dr. Bowe says, “Carmex has many irritating ingredients that can cause inflammation in the lip area in people with sensitive lips.

Can I use Blistex for dry lips?

The moisture and emollient base in Blistex Lip Ointment hydrates and softens lip cells to alleviate cracking and seriously dry lips. Blistex Lip Ointment is so effective, it’s been clinically shown to elevate lip moisture, help heal dry, chapped lips, and improve overall lip condition.

Is Blistex bad for cold sores?

Blistex is a combination medicine used to treat pain, itching, or severe lip dryness caused by chapped lips or cold sores (fever blisters). Blistex will not cure herpes simplex, the virus that causes cold sores. Blistex may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.