What is the most accurate 17 WSM rifle?

What is the most accurate 17 WSM rifle?

To date John Browning’s old 19th century single-shot has proven the most consistent, dependable and fun. And, despite it’s minimal weight, slim stock and light barrel, it’s one of the most accurate 17 WSMs I’ve shot. Winchester’s M1885 single-shot in 17 WSM is the perfect stalking rifle for chucks.

What rifles are chambered in .17 WSM?

Currently, rifles firing the 17 WSM are the Savage B-Mag bolt action, heavy barrel B-mag target edition. Ruger Model 77/17, Winchester 1885 Low Wall single shot, and the semi-automatic Franklin Armory F-17.

Who makes rifles for the 17 Winchester Super Magnum?

The F 17-L by Franklin Armory is the first ever gas-operated semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in 17 WSM. The direct-impingement action is safer and more reliable than the traditional blow back designs, and this rifle is a dream come true for many varmint hunters.

What is the effective range of a 17 WSM?

17 WSM sits at the top of the heap as far as rimfire cartridges are concerned, and comes in just 500 fps or so behind the . 17 Hornet. With a 100-yard zero, the 20-grain . 17 WSM bullet drops but 1.2 inches at 150 yards and 4.1 inches at 200 yards, giving a very usable trajectory from a rimfire rifle.

Does Ruger make a 17 WSM rifle?

The much anticipated Ruger 77/17 chambered in the 17 Winchester Super Magnum has been released. We requested and received a rifle directly from Ruger about two weeks ago. However, with the new Ruger, we knew that folks wanted to see the results of all the ammunition available.

Is the 17 WSM still made?

Volquartsen Discontinues Production of their 17WSM Summit Rifle and Semi-Auto Rifles. Sad day. The 17WSM is a spectacular round, but needs to break-away from the Olin made RS brass. As of the publish date of this article, Franklin Armory and JARD, Inc are the only companies producing semi-auto 17WSM rifles.

Is the 17 WSM good for coyotes?

The 17 hmr or wsm is an excellent choice for coyotes, especially when one is focused on proper shot placement( head/ neck) Ethical and reliable at 200 yards and under.

Can you shoot a 17hmr out of a 17 WSM?

17 HMR cartridge is 26,000 pounds. This difference in pressure makes it unsafe to fire a . 17 WSM cartridge in a rifle chambered for . 17 HMR.

What is a 17 Super Mag good for?

At the cost of rimfire ammunition, the 17 Super Mag has the 3,000 fps velocity, and accuracy varmint hunters need to make consistent hits beyond 200 yards, while delivering considerably more energy than the . 17 Super Magnum is a perfect choice, as well as prairie dog hunters who want an economic option to .

Is a 17 WSM a good coyote gun?

How much does a 17 WSM drop at 200 yards?

The drop is only 4.1 inches at that same 200 yard range. By comparison, the 17 grain, . 17 HMR going at 2550 feet per second, has only 73 foot pounds of energy left at 200 yards and has dropped 8.4 inches.

How accurate is 17 WSM?

That . 17 Winchester Super Magnum was wonderfully accurate, and proved to be a fully capable varmint cartridge, even at longer distances. Not that there were any flies on the .

Is there A.17 WSM semi auto rifle?

If you’re looking for a unique rifle, this is it. As far as I know, there are only two semiautomatic rifles chambered for the .17 WSM cartridge: this one and a Franklin Armory AR-pattern rifle. A number of companies are making bolt-action models for the cartridge, but for high-speed varmint hunting, a magazine-fed semi-auto is hard to beat.

What kind of stock does a savage 17 WSM have?

(96971) This is a new Savage B.Mag Sporter bolt-action rifle chambered in 17 WSM. This rifle features a laminate Gray Sporter Stock, matte black finish on metal, 22″ carbon steel b… (read more)

Is the volquartsen.17 WSM a rimfire rifle?

The Volquartsen .17 WSM Semi-Auto Rifle is certainly not a nail gun, but it is capable of nailing targets at unheard-of ranges for a rimfire rifle. That’s because it fires a smoking-hot cartridge. To appreciate the uniqueness of the new Volquartsen .17 WSM Semi-Auto Rifle, you have to first understand the cartridge it fires.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester 77 / 17 WSM use?

Our shooting impressions of the 77/17 WSM rifle: It’s a 1/2 MOA rifle with the Winchester 20grain ammo Model # S17W20 After a box of ammo – and after shooting the target shown, we decided that a trigger job was needed for maximum accuracy.