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What is the prevailing wind direction in Sydney?

What is the prevailing wind direction in Sydney?

The prevailing wind annually is northeasterly. In the warm months, only 40% of the time Sydney would get wind directions from the northwest or southwest, which are the dry winds flown from the heated interior of Australia.

How common are East Coast Lows?

East coast lows (ECLs) are intense low-pressure systems that occur off the east coast of Australia. They can form at any time of the year and significant ECLs occur on average about 10 times each year. These storms can bring damaging winds and surf and heavy rainfall.

What causes a east coast low?

Unlike tropical cyclones, where the warm seas provide the energy source, East Coast Lows are driven by a dynamic interaction between cold air in the high levels of the atmosphere over the continent, and the surface temperature gradient between the land and the relatively warm Tasman Sea air.

How strong is the wind in Sydney today?

Sydney (33.8671°S, 151.2071°E, 74m AMSL) Sydney,NSW set as my default location ›

Now 17.5°c
Feels Like: 15.0°
Wind: SW 15km/h
Gusts: 17km/h
Humidity: 66%

Why is it always windy in Sydney?

These tightly packed isobars mean there is a large pressure gradient between the low pressure systems at the bottom of the image and areas of high pressure over and near Australia. This large pressure gradient is creating powerful winds as the atmosphere attempts to balance things out.

What is an East Coast low BOM?

East Coast Lows (ECL) are intense low pressure systems which occur, on average, several times each year off the eastern coast of Australia, in particular southern Queensland, NSW and eastern Victoria. East coast lows are also observed off the coast of Africa and America and are sometimes known as east coast cyclones.

When was the last East Coast low?

30,000 homes in the region were left without power. 21 May 2009, an east coast low caused massive coastal erosion and major flooding of the Clarence River.

What is the average wind speed in Sydney?

The average hourly wind speed in Sydney does not vary significantly over the course of the year, remaining within 0.5 miles per hour of 7.8 miles per hour throughout.