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What is the world record for long jump?

What is the world record for long jump?

8.95 m
Long jump

Athletics Long jump
A long jumper at the 2007 Military World Games
World records
Men Mike Powell 8.95 m (29 ft 41⁄4 in) (1991)
Women Galina Chistyakova 7.52 m (24 ft 8 in) (1988)

What is the highest record for high jump?

2.45 m
High jump

Athletics High jump
Canadian high jumper Nicole Forrester demonstrating the Fosbury flop
World records
Men Javier Sotomayor 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) (1993)
Women Stefka Kostadinova 2.09 m ( 6 ft 101⁄4 in) (1987)

Who is the world champion for long jump?

2019 World Athletics Championships – Men’s long jump

Men’s long jump at the 2019 World Championships
Winning distance 8.69 m (28 ft 6 in)
Tajay Gayle Jamaica Jeff Henderson United States Juan Miguel Echevarría Cuba
← 2017 2021 →

Who held the long jump record before Mike Powell?

At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Bob Beamon broke the existing record by a margin of 55 cm (211⁄2 in), and his world record of 8.90 m ( 29 ft 21⁄4 in) stood until Mike Powell jumped 8.95 m ( 29 ft 41⁄4 in) in 1991.

How far should a 14 year old long jump?

The average, or 50th-percentile, jump for 13- to 14-year-old boys is about 17 inches, fitness expert Jay Hoffman writes in “Norms for Fitness, Performance and Health.” The 10th to 20th percentiles run from 12.3 to 13.8 inches; 30th to 40th percentile is 15 to 16 inches.

Who has jumped the highest?

Currently, the world record holder is Javier Sotomayor from Cuba. In 1993, he jumped an incredible (for humans!) 8.03 feet! How high can you jump?

Why is long jump record not broken?

2) Everything has to be perfect. Talent alone is not enough to break the long jump world record. There was no more consistent jumper in history than Lewis. His 8.91-meter jump at the 1991 World Championships would have broken the world record, but the wind (3.0 m/s) was over the allowable limit.

How fast is Mike Powell?


Discipline Performance Date
100 Metres 10.45 17 MAR 1985
Long Jump 8.95 30 AUG 1991
Long Jump 8.99 * 21 JUL 1992

What is the average long jump distance for a 13 year old?

Standing long jump values in 12- year-old boys were 174.6±17.8 cm and they were 161.4±20.6 cm in girls. The same value was 182.4±22.1 cm in 13- year-old boys and 169.6±20.6 cm for girls.

How high can the average person jump?

Vertical Jump Norm Table

rating (inches) (inches)
very good 24 – 28 20 – 24
above average 20 – 24 16 – 20
average 16 – 20 12 – 16
below average 12 – 16 8 – 12

What is the longest long jump ever recorded?

The longest jump ever recorded in history is 8.35 m or 27 ft 4 in. This jump was done by Russian athlete Igor Ter Ovanesyan during the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 and has never been broken since.

What is the world record for the longest long jump?

He set a world record for the standing long jump of 3.47m (11.4 ft) on September 3, 1904. The current world record is held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 meters (12′ 2.1″) in Noresund on 11 November 1968.

What is the current world record for high jump?

Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is the current men’s record holder with a jump of 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) set in 1993 – the longest standing record in the history of the men’s high jump. Stefka Kostadinova ( Bulgaria ) has held the women’s world record at 2.09 m (6 ft 10 1⁄4 in) since 1987, also the longest-held record in the event.

What is the longest jump on a motorcycle?

The record for the longest standing jump on a motorcycle is 4 m 26 cm (13 ft 11 in) and is held by Michele Pradelli (Italy) who achieved the record on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 25 April 2009.