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What is top speed on a 2010 Honda Civic Si?

What is top speed on a 2010 Honda Civic Si?

180 km/h
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Base price CA$25,880
0-100 km/h 7.4 s
80-120 km/h 5.3 s
Top speed 180 km/h (112 mph)

Can a Civic Si be fast?

The Civic Si (205 hp, 192 lb-ft) isn’t nearly as fast as the Type R (306 hp, 295 lb-ft) but with the six-speed manual, the Si sedan will take many more expensive cars out to the woodshed. It’s quick enough—6.8 seconds to 60 mph—to shoot gaps on the expressway and to pull ahead of most traffic at red lights.

Is a 2010 Honda Civic fast?

The Civic offers spacious interiors, a perfect driving position, it has quick reflex and slick shifter. And of course it offers a great fuel economy. With the SI version you will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds, so here you have a rather fast car.

Is the 10th gen Civic Si fast?

We did it! World Record 1/4 mile pass in our 10th Gen Civic Si 1.5T 10.80 @131.56.

How Fast Is Honda Civic Si 2009?

2009 fa5 civic si top speed run 146mph.

Whats the fastest a 2010 Honda Civic can go?

Are Old Honda Civics Fast?

Honda Civic Year Top Speed 0 to 60
2011 124 MPH 8.9 seconds
2010 118 MPH 8.7 seconds
2009 118 MPH 8.8 seconds
2008 132 MPH 9.4 seconds

What year Civic Si is the best?

What year Honda Civic Si is the best? The 1999-2000 Honda Civic is, in our opinion, the best Civic Si. The high-revving (8,200 rpm!) B16 engine offers a thrill that few cars can match, and its light weight and well-set-up steering make it huge fun.

Why is Civic Si so expensive?

Firstly, the EM1 Civic Si was only sold in 1999 and 2000. On top of that, it’s a coupe; coupe models are rarer than the sedan versions. But the biggest factor behind the high sticker price is the pristine condition. The Civic Si is still a popular tuner car.

How fast does a 2010 Honda Civic go from 0 to 60?

Track Test Results

0-45 mph (sec.) 8.5
0-60 mph (sec.) 13.5
0-75 mph (sec.) 20.9
1/4-mile (sec. @ mph) 19.3 @ 72.5
0-60 with 1 foot of rollout (sec.) 13.1

Which Civic Si is the best?

Is 2009 Honda Civic Si reliable?

The 2009-2011 Honda Civic’s Engine Will Last Longer Than Its Paint. Whether you’re buying new or used, the Honda Civic is usually a solid choice for a reliable car. And the 8th-gen model, especially the 2009-2011 model years, is a great bargain recommended by Consumer Reports.