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What is used as plasticizer in tablet coating?

What is used as plasticizer in tablet coating?

Examples of plasticizers commonly used in film coating processes include: Polyols, such as glycerol (glycerin), polyethylene glycols (PEG 200 – 6000 grades) and propylene glycol.

Why plasticizers are to be added during film coating process?

The plasticizing efficiency is measured by the lowering of the incidence of coat defects. As the viscosity of the coating solution increases, there is greater resistance to spreading on the substrate surface and reduced tendency of the droplets to coalesce, both of which increase surface roughness.

What is used as plasticizer in coating?

Commonly used plasticizers in coatings are: Phthalate esters such as DOP. ATBC (citrates) DOA.

Which polymer is used in film coating of tablets?

Polyvinyl alcohol-polyethylene glycol copolymers. This is a synthetic polymer that is mainly used in immediate-release film coating of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

What are plasticizers with examples?

For example, plasticizers are commonly added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which otherwise is hard and brittle, to make it soft and pliable; which makes it suitable for products such as vinyl flooring, clothing, bags, hoses, and electric wire coatings.

Why plasticizers are used in capsules?

One of the key components of the softgel capsule is the plasticizer used to make the shell elastic and pliable and to minimize brittleness and cracking. The plasticizer usually accounts for 20-30% of the wet gel formulation which can impact the quality of the finished product.

Where are plasticizers used?

What is the purpose of coating tablets?

Coating serves a number of purposes: Protects the tablet (or the capsule contents) from stomach acids. Protects the stomach lining from aggressive drugs such as enteric coated aspirin. Provides a delayed release of the medication.

What is the purpose of plasticizers?

Plasticizers are used to convert PVC, a rigid plastic, into a soft, flexible, and elastic material. A plasticizer that is compatible with PVC and exhibits low volatility, good permanence, and high efficiency is referred to as a primary plasticizer.

What is the main purpose of a film coated tablet?

Film coating is a common step in tablet manufacture that can be used to improve product appearance, organoleptic properties, or to facilitate swallowing. Functional film coats can also be used as a part of the product’s stabilisation strategy and to modify or delay drug release.

What are plasticizers Sanfoundry?

What are plasticizers? Explanation: The organic substances or combinations of organic and inorganic substances, which allow a reduction in water content for the given workability, or give higher workability at the same water content. 2.

How do plasticizers work?

Plasticizers do their job by acting as a kind of “lubricant” between segments of polymer chains. Without the plasticizer, those chains of molecules would sit on top of each other as rigidly as uncooked spaghetti in a box. Many different materials use plasticizers — PVC, rubber, plastics and so on.

Why are plasticizers used in film coatings?

Plasticizers are necessary for almost all polymers that are currently used for film coating of tablets and beads. Plasticizers reduce the brittleness, improves flow, impart flexibility, and increase flexibility, and increase toughness, strength, tear resistance of polymers.

Why are plasticizers used in capsule shell manufacturing?

Plasticizers used for internal purpose such as tablet coating, capsule shell manufacturing should be non toxic. Lower the tensile strength and softening temperature, of the polymeric materials to which it is added.

Which is the most efficient plasticizer for phthalates?

PLASTICIZER EFFICIENCY..  The measure of concentration of plasticizer require to improve a specifies softness of the polymer.  Plasticizer efficiency increases as carbon number of alcohol chain decreases.  For phthalates, BBP>DIHP>DOP>DINP>DIDP  Linear plasticizer is more efficient. 33 34.

What do you call a secondary plasticizer to a polymer?

PRIMARY PLASTICIZERS: Also called as chemical plasticizers, when added to polymer, will cause the properties of elongation and softness of the polymer to be increased. SECONDARY PLASTICIZERS: Also called as plasticizing oils.