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What jobs are on demand in Zambia?

What jobs are on demand in Zambia?

Popular jobs to consider in Zambia

  • By Sanday Chongo Kabange.
  • Construction Workers.
  • Teaching.
  • Nursing.
  • Fuel Attendants.
  • Human Resources and Public Relations Officers.

How to join world vision Zambia?

Visit https://careers.wvi.org to see available opportunities. World Vision and VisionFund Zambia have over 780 staff employed in roles such as: Literacy.

What does World Vision do in Zambia?

In Zambia, we serve the most vulnerable children and communities. Currently, our work is themed around five key areas as outlined in the 2016-2020 strategy. These are Literacy, Maternal and Child Health, child protection and spiritual nature, resilient Livelihood, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Is teaching a good career in Zambia?

Most international schools in Zambia offer teachers a generous package that will afford you a great quality of life and excellent professional development opportunities. Teaching overseas in Zambia be an excellent strategic move to develop your international teaching career.

What is the best course to study in Zambia?

13 Top Bachelor Programs in Zambia 2021/2022

  • BSc in Accounting.
  • BSc in Finance.
  • BA in Economics and Business.
  • BSc in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.
  • BSc in Accounting and Finance. Featured.
  • BA in English Language and Literature. Featured.
  • BSc in Accounting and Finance ACCA. Featured.
  • BSC Business Management. Read More.

How much do Zesco employees get paid in Zambia?

ZESCO Salaries

Job Title Salary
Mechanical Engineering salaries – 2 salaries reported ZMK 6,250/mo
Research Assistant salaries – 2 salaries reported ZMK 150/hr
Environmental Officer salaries – 2 salaries reported ZMK 4,500/mo
Entry Level Civil Engineer salaries – 1 salaries reported ZMK 8,000/mo

Where is the headquarters for World Vision?

Uxbridge, United Kingdom
World Vision International/Headquarters

How do you join World Vision?

Use your voice to influence U.S. policies and funding that help scale World Vision’s impact, reach millions more children, and eliminate global poverty. Our email action alerts give you simple tools for contacting your members of Congress. To sign up, visit worldvisionadvocacy.org/join-us.

What are the 6 core values of World Vision?

We Are Responsive

  • Our Mission Statement.
  • We are Christian.
  • We Are Committed to the Poor.
  • We Value People.
  • We Are Stewards.
  • We Are Partners.
  • We Are Responsive.

How much do primary teachers get paid in Zambia?

The salary trajectory of a Teacher ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at ZMK 48,405 per year and goes up to ZMK 42,982 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How much do doctors get paid in Zambia?

A Zambian doctor, after seven years in training for a medical degree, earns a gross salary of about US $489 before income tax deductions of 30 percent. To make ends meet, most doctors moonlight at private clinics, earning between US $20 and US $25 per five-hour shift.

What is the highest paid job in Zambia?


  • Nursing. This is the leading profession in Zambia, offering employment to many young people in Zambia.
  • Financial manager.
  • Teaching jobs.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Human Resources Personnel.
  • Sales managers.
  • Veterinarian.
  • Mechanical engineer.