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What jobs make the most money as a teenager?

What jobs make the most money as a teenager?

These are the top jobs based on teen applications submitted through Snagajob, and national wage data comes from the BLS.

  • Warehouse Team Member.
  • Food Delivery.
  • Package Delivery.
  • Barista.
  • Sales Rep.
  • Package Sorter.
  • Retail Sales Associate. Median hourly wage in 2020: $13.13.
  • Receptionist. Median hourly wage in 2020: $14.96.

What job pays the most money for a 16 year old?

If you enjoy babysitting, you might think about spending your summer as a nanny. According to, a nanny makes an average hourly rate of $14.62 an hour. However, they can make upwards of $19 an hour. Much like babysitting, as a nanny, your first responsibility is to care for the kids.

What is the best job to get as a teenager?

20 of the best jobs for teens

  • Fast food attendant. National average salary: $9.29 per hour.
  • Car wash attendant. National average salary: $10.17 per hour.
  • Kennel assistant. National average salary: $10.54 per hour.
  • Grocery store cashier.
  • Daycare assistant.
  • Concession stand worker.
  • Restaurant server.
  • Restaurant host/hostess.

What job pays the most at age 14?

Here are nine top ideas that pay over $10 an hour, and with the potential to earn $40 or more.

  1. Tutor. Quality tutoring is in high demand in the summer, with pay reflecting that need.
  2. Golf Caddy.
  3. Youth Sports Referee.
  4. Mowing Lawns.
  5. Construction Worker.
  6. Babysitter.
  7. Lifeguard.

How can a teen make 100k?

If that is you, then these are the best ways of making a significant amount of money while still in high school.

  1. Make an App.
  2. Photograph an Event.
  3. Get a Music Gig.
  4. Tutor Friends.
  5. Get Paid for your Design Skills.
  6. Make Money Organizing Events.
  7. Sell at a Farmers Market Stand.
  8. Start a Computer/Phone Service Company.

What is Mcdonald’s salary?

How Much Do Mcdonalds Cashier Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $59,500 $29
75th Percentile $45,500 $22
Average $33,834 $16
25th Percentile $20,500 $10

What do 16 year olds pay?

In April 2021 they are: Age 16-17 – £4.62 an hour. Age 18-20 – £6.56 an hour. Age 21-22 – £8.36 an hour. Age 23+ – £8.91 an hour (National Living Wage).

Can a 16 year old work at Amazon?

No. 18 is the minimum age.

What’s a good first job for a 14 year old?

More local opportunities may include: Babysitting. Amusement park staff. House sitting.

How can I get my first job at 15?

  1. Tips for Finding Your First Part-Time Job.
  2. Preparing for the Job Hunt.
  3. Put Together a Simple Resume.
  4. Tap Your Network for Leads.
  5. Make a List of Places to Apply.
  6. Be Prepared for Rejection.
  7. Be Ready for an Interview.
  8. What to Wear to Apply and Interview.

Can you work at mcdonalds at 14?

Minimum age is generally 14 years old. You will take customers’ orders and prepare the requested foods and drinks. You will work in a team to work together for the shift target goals. You must keep and maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant area and kitchen following the sanitation standard of the company.

How can I make 300 dollars a day?

How to Make $300 a Day

  1. Flip Amazon Deals.
  2. Use Creative Commons Videos on YouTube.
  3. Sell Digital Products.
  4. Sell Physical Products.
  5. Resell Stuff Online.
  6. Freelance Writing.
  7. Join Google AdSense.
  8. Display Ads on a Website.