What kind of car is the BMW i8?

What kind of car is the BMW i8?

Initially, the BMW i8 came as a coupé, and from 2017 also as a roadster. Both cars share the BMW i8 engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, offering a great deal of driving pleasure. The BMW i8 also inspired artists: In 2019, Thomas Scheibitz designed his own version of the hybrid sports car.

What’s the average speed of a BMW i8?

Thanks to the 250 Nm torque of the electric engine and the 320 Nm of the combustion engine, the BMW i8 delivers sports car numbers for acceleration. At the same time, if desired, the hybrid sports car can reach speeds of up to around 75 mph (120 km/h) in electric mode, meaning locally emission-free.

Who is the designer of the BMW i8 Spyder?

BMW i8 Concept Spyder (2012) The vehicle was unveiled in Auto China 2012 in Beijing and won Concept Car of the Year, followed by 83rd Geneva International Motor Show 2013. The designer of the BMW i8 Concept Spyder was Richard Kim.

Is the BMW i8 used in Formula E?

The hybrid sports car featured as pace car in Formula E, the elite race series for electric cars. In 2020, the BMW i8 is bound for the museum. There, this BMW electric sports car and its distinctive design will join a host of its legendary ancestors in the company’s model back catalog.

What’s the range of a BMW i8 electric?

Overview. Thanks to a battery that has more energy capacity than those in earlier i8 models, BMW claims an electric-only driving range of 18 miles per charge. We managed 38 mpg in our real-world highway fuel-economy test and recorded an electric-only range of 28 miles, beating the estimated number by 10 mpg.

What is the cargo area of a BMW i8?

The i8’s rear cargo area is long but shallow—unlike some mid-engined sports cars, there’s no storage in a front trunk—and we managed to fit only a single carry-on suitcase inside.