What kind of hair products do Aderans make?

What kind of hair products do Aderans make?

Aderans Hair Goods Providing total hair solutions with a wide spectrum of products to meet almost every need. Our collections include fashion-forward synthetic and human hair wigs, hair enhancement products, and products to help with hair loss and hair thinning for women, men, and children.

What kind of wigs does Rene of Paris make?

We offer a variety of wig collections that include the award-winning Noriko® Collection, René of Paris® Hi-Fashion Collection, Amore® Collection, The Orchid Collection, the Alexander Couture Collection and our newest edition The Fair Fashion Collection of premium human hair wigs.

Where can I buy an Aderans ceramic brush hair iron?

Ceramic Brush Type Hair Iron “Eleganstar” - Sold at Ladies Aderans Salon, Beau Stage Ginza, and Aderans official online shopping site from December 24th (THU) – (415KB) Entering into an advisory agreement with Akira Fujishima, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science, a World-renowned Chemist and the Discoverer of Photocatalytic Reactions.

Is there a company that makes wigs for women?

Custom-made wigs as well as services to promote and maintain healthy hair growth for women. Ready-made and ready-to-wear wigs for women.

What do you need to know about international hairgoods?

International Hairgoods is committed to providing beautiful, premium hair replacement products and solutions of the highest quality for salons and hair stylists, and has decades of experience and a proud history to stand behind.

Who is the parent company of international hair goods?

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Hair Goods (IHI), a major distributor for hair replacement products in the U.S., is pleased to announce a full-scale modernization effort being coordinated with their parent company, Aderans Company Limited – the world leader in total hair solutions.