What kind of industry is Electrotherm in India?

What kind of industry is Electrotherm in India?

Electrotherm (India) Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, public limited company, was founded in 1983. It caters to steel and foundry industry, transformer manufacturing, steel making, ductile iron pipe making, manufacturing of battery operated vehicles, renewable energy, transmission line tower and education.

What kind of furnace does Electrotherm make use?

We are using Electrotherm make 4000KW/10 Ton*2 DTI Series (DIFOC Model) Induction Melting Furnace since January 2018 and 3500 KW/8 Ton*2 S-Series mode… FABEX Middle East Exhibition showcases the broadest range of all aspects of metal forming, cutting, welding, Automation, finishing machinery, equipments and tools.

What does Electrotherm do for mini steel plants?

Electrotherm provides the total solution to Mini Steel Plants covering concept, design of the layout, providing detailed engineering, selection of equipment, procurement of equipment, installation, commissioning, and help to achieve the desired production.

Which is the engineering and technologies division of Electrotherm?

The Engineering & Technologies (E) division of Electrotherm is a leading designer & manufacturer of Induction Melting Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Metal Refining Konverters (AOD), Electrotherm Refining Furnaces, High Speed Continuous Casting Machineā€¦ Quality. Awards.

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How is Electrotherm focusing on the rural development?

At Electrotherm, we are focusing on the rural development and providing health care & medical facilities to near by villagers by organizing mega health/dental check-up camps, organizing blood donation camp and focusing on basic education. Committed to innovative growth, creating value for all. presence.

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