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What LSAT score do I need for Nova?

What LSAT score do I need for Nova?

Admissions Statistics

Admissions Statistics 2020 2017
LSAT Score (Median) 150 149
LSAT Score (25th-75th percentile) 148-153 146-151
GPA (Median) 3.11 3.06
GPA Range (25th-75th percentile) 2.79-3.34 2.79-3.33

How do I contact Nova Southeastern University?

Administrative Offices

Office Phone
Admissions Apply Online Undergraduate Graduate/Professional Certificate Programs Continuing Education Financial Aid NSU Campus Visits 800-541-6682
Advancement and Community Relations (954) 262-2100
Bursar’s Office (954) 262-5200
Business Services (954) 262-8830

Does NSU have law school?

With degree and certificate programs for law students, paralegals, practicing lawyers, and professionals expanding their knowledge of the law, the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law equips you with the skills you need for professional success – today, tomorrow, and for decades to come.

How long does it take to hear back from Nova Southeastern University?

How long does it take to have my file reviewed? Master’s: Decisions are usually made within one to two weeks. You will be notified by email as soon as a decision has been made. Doctoral: Decisions are usually made within one to two months.

What rank is Nova law school?

Nova Southeastern University (Broad) 2022 Rankings Nova Southeastern University (Broad) is ranked No. 147-193 in Best Law Schools and No. 52 (tie) in Part-time Law. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

What LSAT score do I need for FIU?

Admissions Statistics

Admissions Statistics 2020 2017
LSAT Score (Median) 156 155
LSAT Score (25th-75th percentile) 152-157 151-158
GPA (Median) 3.63 3.45
GPA Range (25th-75th percentile) 3.38-3.76 3.14-3.76

What is Nova Southeastern email address?

If you would like to schedule a visit for your group, please email [email protected]. 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

What tier is NSU Law?

Shepard Broad College of Law

Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law
Location Davie, Florida, U.S.
Enrollment 927
Faculty 48 full time, five ASP instructors, 67 adjunct
USNWR ranking Tier 4 (#148–194), #49 Part Time Law program

Is Nova law school a good school?

Nova Southeastern is a good school, ranked in the 4th tier in the nation (out of 187 law schools). Each year, Nova Southeastern has an entering class of about 500 law students.

Is it too late to apply to Nova?

If a student is applying to NOVA, they should submit their application no later the 30 days before the start of the semester.

Is Nova a good school?

Very good school where you can make your education work best for you. Nova employes a fantastic staff and amazing, passionate teachers that care about their students. Nova is truly what you make it, therefore you can either be the independent student you want to be or not.

What is the best undergraduate degree for lawyers?

While there are no undergraduate majors that are guaranteed to ensure your future success in law school or in your career as an attorney, the ABA suggests that some undergraduate majors lend themselves more readily to law school readiness. These include political science, history, economics, government, philosophy and English.

What is Nova Law School?

Nova Law School. Shepard Broad Law Center , founded in 1974, is the law school of Nova Southeastern University . The Law Center is housed in Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, located on Nova Southeastern University’s main campus in Davie, Florida and is named after university founder Shepard Broad.The Law Center hosts over 1,000 students in both its day and evening programs.