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What restaurants are at the Inner Harbor?

What restaurants are at the Inner Harbor?

Best Restaurants Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD

  • Thames Street Oyster House. 2.1 mi. 2635 reviews.
  • Top of the World. 1.6 mi. 89 reviews.
  • Miss Shirley’s Cafe. 1.5 mi. 2802 reviews.
  • Blackwall Hitch. 1.5 mi. 429 reviews.
  • The Capital Grille. 1.5 mi. 566 reviews.
  • L P Steamers. 2.7 mi.
  • Charleston. 1.9 mi.
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak – Baltimore. 2.7 mi.

Is anything open at Inner Harbor?

Inner Harbor: The National Aquarium is currently open to the public. In response to COVID-19, they’ve made some essential changes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Read their reopening protocols here, and plan your visit!

Is Baltimore Inner Harbor safe?

Tips for Baltimore Safety (Thankfully, popular tourist spots like Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Fells Point remain relatively safe.) Beware of pickpockets anywhere you go in Baltimore: Don’t travel with valuables on you, stay alert and aware of your surroundings, and be skeptical if strangers try to distract you.

What is Baltimore known for food wise?

Baltimore may be best known among food-focused travelers for its crab cakes, pit beef and Berger cookies, but the city’s burgeoning dining scene has so much more to offer.

  • Spike Gjerde is Charm City’s gastro godfather.
  • Is it safe to walk from Inner Harbor to Fells Point?

    You should absolutely walk to Fells Point. There are a lot of older historic buildings just before you get there and in the surrounding areas. Check out the old hardware/brass store in that area, Brassworks Company.

    Can you swim in the Inner Harbor?

    Amid a multibillion-dollar sewer overhaul in the city and suburban Baltimore County, water sampling shows that bacteria levels from chronic sewage leaks and overflows have improved to the point that much of the harbor is usually safe to swim in, at least during dry weather.

    Where are the bad areas of Baltimore?

    The most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore are Cherry Hill, West Baltimore, Greenmount East, Fairfield Area, and Pulaski. Brooklyn-Curtis Bay, Madison-Eastend, and Greater Rosemont are also more dangerous than the rest of Baltimore. The crime rates are higher in Orangeville and Grove Park than in most of Baltimore.

    What drink is Baltimore known for?

    Orange Crush: The Orange Crush has probably become the most famous Maryland Cocktail. Though it is traditionally a fresh squeezed orange, triple sec, and vodka topped with Sprite, bartenders all over the state have put their own twist on the drink.

    What foods is Buffalo famous for?

    9 Classic Buffalo Foods to Be Thankful For

    • Beef On Weck. Buffalo’s longtime favorite sandwich – carved roast beef served on a salted hard roll with caraway seeds – is starting to garner national attention.
    • Buffalo-Style Pizza.
    • Sponge Candy.
    • Peanut Sticks.
    • Spaghetti Parm.
    • Charcoal Broiled Hot Dogs.
    • Chicken Wings.
    • Fish Fry.

    Is Little Italy in Baltimore safe?

    For all of the bad press regarding the crime and shootings in Baltimore, the Little Italy neighborhood is relatively safe. Great restaurants ( Chiapperellia,s is my personal favorite ) but parking is limited so it’s either valet or park on the outskirt lots and walk a few block.

    Why is the Baltimore Harbor so dirty?

    Nutrient and sediment pollution remain a problem in the streams and the harbor. They suspect those worsening trends stem from increased stormwater runoff from pavement and buildings.

    Is Harbor water dirty?

    Probably because locals know the harbor is notoriously dirty. Environmental experts say it has dangerously high levels of bacteria. In fact, the latest Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative report card gave it an F, partially due to the levels of fecal matter in the water.

    What are the best places to eat in Baltimore?

    (Colby Ware for The Baltimore Sun ) Bar Liquorice, Ekiben and Joe Benny’s are the best places to eat in Baltimore, according to a new list released by the user-generated ratings website Yelp . The list includes businesses in Baltimore, Annapolis , Columbia and Towson , according to a spokeswoman for Yelp.

    What are the five star restaurants in Baltimore, MD?

    Listed below are some of the 5-star restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland: -Charleston Restaurant 1000 Lancaster St Baltimore, MD 21202 (410) 332-7373 -Aldos Restaurant 306 S MD 21202 (410) 722-73730 -Samos Restaurant 600 Oldham St Baltimore, MD 21224 (410) 672-73730 -Woodberry Kitchen 2010 Clipper Park Rd Baltimore, MD 21211 (410) 462-73730 -The Capital Grille 500 E Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21202 (443) 72-73730 -The Helmand 806 N Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 752-73730 -Thai

    Where is the Inner Harbor in Baltimore?

    The Inner Harbor is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark of the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It was described by the Urban Land Institute in 2009 as “the model for post-industrial waterfront redevelopment around the world.”. The Inner Harbor is located at the mouth of Jones Falls,…