What size are tumblr GIFs?

What size are tumblr GIFs?

As for Tumblr GIF dimensions, the maximum width is 540 pixels. The GIF also can be 268 pixels wide, 178 pixels wide, and 177 pixels wide….Tumblr GIF Size Limits and Dimensions.

Type Dimension Format
Banner 3000 x 1055 GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP
Video 500 x 700 (less than 100 MB) MOV, MP4

What is the maximum size of GIF file?

Easy GIF Animator is designed to work with images that do not exceed 1000 x 700 pixels. Each separate frame image should be no more than 20 kb and it is recommended that the total size of the animated GIF file does not exceed 1000 kb.

How do I upload a GIF to Tumblr?

Tumblr supports several different image file types, including GIFs.

  1. Log in to your Tumblr account.
  2. Click the “Photo” button to post an image to your blog.
  3. Click the “Browse” button to begin uploading your animated GIF.
  4. Add a caption if you desire, by typing it into the “Caption” section.

What is Tumblr GIF size limit 2020?

3 MB
According to recent changes, in 2020, the Tumblr gif size limit is set to 3 MB. But as gif size grows, site speed slows down. But that’s not the only problem. Gifs over a certain length are no longer gifs.

Does Tumblr compress GIFs?

When posting an animated GIF: We recommend that your GIFs be no more than 540 pixels wide. Any GIFs under 3 MB don’t get compressed at all. However, we do convert all uploaded GIFs to GIFV. If you’re uploading a compressed GIF, the file should be no larger than 5 MB.

How do I put GIFs side by side on Tumblr?

To put a photo next to another, drag it to either side of the other photo until you see a blue line, and then release the mouse button. Put up to three photos in the same row; Tumblr resizes them automatically.

How do you make GIFs on Tumblr without Photoshop?


  1. STEP ONE: CREATING THE GIF. Download gifgrabber (only available on mac right now, unfortunately!!)
  2. STEP TWO: CROP THE GIF. Open up your internet browser and go to

Why do GIFs have bad quality?

The GIF file format has a hard-coded limitation of 256 colors, so when you save or convert as GIF, it has an unavoidable loss of quality to the photo. If you want to save it in high quality, we recommend saving an image in video format.

What is a GIF size?

Instead, a GIF’s size is the total resolution x the number of frames. Our image provider has a 100MB limit for your GIF’s total file size. With animated GIFs, file size really is X <# of frames>.

Why do Tumblr GIFs not work?

Most problems with GIFs uploaded to Tumblr are due to the image; Tumblr has limitations on the file size and dimensions of animated GIFs. However, other problems include computer resources or bandwidth issues. GIFs that are displayed normally on Tumblr do not always work on other social platforms.

Why are my GIFs not uploading Tumblr?

When posting a static image: Make sure the file is no larger than 20 MB and is in either JPEG or PNG format. We don’t support CMYK files or other non-RGB image files, so save the image in RGB and try uploading again.

How big does a GIF have to be on Tumblr?

For tumblr, a gif must be under 1MB, and the size dimensions must be under 500×500 pixels. (you also may have to experiment with the width sizes of your gifs some, because some widths will freeze out a gif and it won’t move, but I’ve found my 350 pixel x any height; 300 pixel x any height, and 245 pixel x any height gifs show up properly)

How do you make a GIF on Tumblr?

Select the action, then click OK. Select the first layer in the Layers column. Then, click the play button on the bottom of the Action box. Next, set the playback speed of every frame to .07 seconds, this is usually a good speed for most GIFs.

How to check the size of a GIF?

You can check the size of your gif in the bottom left hand corner of the ‘Save for Web & Devices’ pop-up screen. 2.

How many videos can you upload in a day on Tumblr?

Other Tumblr Post Limits You Don’t Know 1 You can only upload videos up to 5 minutes per day. 2 You can only create up to 250 posts per day. 3 You can only track no more than 20 tags at one time. 4 You can only ask 10 questions per hour and half of them can be anonymous.