What size drill bit do you need for a 10 mm HeliCoil?

What size drill bit do you need for a 10 mm HeliCoil?


Insert Size Drill Size Screw Thread Insert Length
M8 x 1.25 8.30 20.00
M9 x 1.25 9.30 22.50
M10 x 1.0 10.30 25.00

How do I choose the right size HeliCoil?

Drill out the damaged threads using the drill supplied in the kit. Drill to a sufficient depth to accommodate the insert length and the bolt or screw being used. Tap the hole using the Heli-Coil tap supplied in the kit. Check the size on the shank of the tap to be sure it is the right size.

What comes in a HeliCoil kit?

The HeliCoil product portfolio includes – Genuine HeliCoil Product Range available as HeliCoil Wire Thread Inserts – Free Running Inserts & Screw Locking Inserts, HeliCoil inserts of Nimonic 90, Nitronic 60, Titanium alloys, Inconel X-750, Phosphorus Bronze, and various other Space Age Metals, in addition to the …

What is better than a HeliCoil?

Helicoils are faster/easier and Timeserts are much stronger. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, go with the Timeserts.

Are helicoils permanent?

If you steam clean the engine at any stage make sure the plug wells are cleaned and dried after your done. Also, when you do change the plugs make sure they are not over tightened. With these precautions a Helicoil should last for the life of the engine. Helicoil is a permanent repair …at least it’s supposed to be.

What size Tap do I need for a M8 1.25 helicoil?

Tap Size: M8 x 1.25 STI. Drill Size: 21/64″

What is the smallest helicoil?


Thread Insert Type Helical Insert
Smallest Internal Thread Size 5/16 – 18
Largest Internal Thread Size 5/16 – 18
Material 18-8 Stainless Steel

Do helicoils work in aluminum?

The soft nature of aluminum allows threads to pull from their base material when under the strain and pressure of an operating engine. An installed HeliCoil threaded insert provides a secure threaded connecting point for accessories on engines with aluminum heads.

What size Tap do I need for a 3/8 HeliCoil?

For a 3/8 you’d go to 1/2-13 or 7/16-16 depending on what sleeve you had. The you screw it in the newly tapped hole.

What’s better time SERT or helicoil?

Do you put Loctite on helicoils?

Helicoils designed to be put into dry holes do not use any form of loctite or thread seal. A helicoil when inserted properly will have movement inside hole they are inserted into.