What type of mic is best for drums?

What type of mic is best for drums?

The Top 10 Drum Mics of 2021

  • #1. The Audix D6 Dynamic Microphone.
  • #2. The Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Drum Microphone.
  • #3. The Sennheiser 604 Microphone System.
  • #4. Shure Beta 52 Dynamic Drum Microphone.
  • #5. The AKG D112 Drum Microphone.
  • #6. The Audix DP5A Pack.
  • #7. The Sabian Sound Kit Drum Set.
  • #8.

Are CAD drum mics any good?

Incredible value for a decent drum mic set. Mics feel solid, sound great. Built-in drum rim mounts on snare and tom mics is a bonus. Condenser mics and kick mics work well, sound good.

Can you use drum mics for vocals?

That might work great for drums, but there’s not much you can do with 80% of those mics when it comes to recording guitars, vocals, piano, etc. You’ve just spent money on a very specific set of tools, which is fine, but not if there’s a better way.

Can you use a condenser mic for drums?

This affordable, variable pattern condenser mic sounds great over a drum kit as well as on vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, and most other applications.

Can you use a condenser mic to record drums?

One of the more abstract microphone placements to record drums with one microphones involves placing the microphone approximately 10 feet in front of the kit. The microphone should also be pointing to the center of the kit for optimal results. From this far away, the only type of microphone I recommend is condenser.

How Many mics do you need for live drums?

It consists of two mics, one placed over the snare (about two drumsticks’ height above the snare head), and one over the shoulder of the drummer. The mic placement must be measured so the two are equidistant from the snare and the kick.

Are drum microphones dynamic?

Miking drums, whether for live sound or studio recording, is a very subjective process. And the Electro-Voice RE20, the AKG D12 and D112, and the Shure Beta 52A, all of which are dynamic mics, are common models for miking bass drums.

Why are dynamic mics good for drums?

Dynamic mics such as the SM57 or Beta56 will give you great weight but modest detail. Secondly, their less sensitive response means they pick up relatively low amounts of spill, helping you to isolate the drum more easily.

Do I need drum mics?

You don’t need extraordinary mics to achieve an extraordinary recording. 80% of a good drum sound comes from the drum kit tuning, the drummer’s technique, and the room the drums are being played in.