What was the name of the tornado in 1974?

What was the name of the tornado in 1974?

Damage from an F4 tornado in a Louisville neighborhood. The 1974 Super Outbreak was one of the destructive tornado outbreaks ever known in United States history. Many notable tornadoes occurred, such as the Xenia, Ohio tornado which was an F5 tornado that killed 34 people and destroyed a large portion of the town.

When was the last time there was a tornado?

Tornado possibly occurred 24 hours later on April 4, as other tornadoes were documented in the area around that time; however, it is listed officially as occurring on April 3. Brief touchdown in an open field.

How many buildings were destroyed in the 1974 Super Outbreak?

The tornado produced F3 or F4 damage for its entire path length. Nearly 1000 buildings were destroyed by these two tornadoes, but no effort was made to determine the exact number of buildings destroyed by the individual tornadoes. The funnel dissipated at the Franklin County line.

Where did tornado hit in Madison WI in 1974?

1 death – This large multiple-vortex tornado was widely photographed. It destroyed the steel-reinforced Monroe Central School and leveled homes near Parker City. Numerous homes were destroyed and a forest suffered significant loss of trees. The tornado formed immediately as the Madison/Hanover was dissipating.

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