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What zip code is Las Vegas Strip?

What zip code is Las Vegas Strip?

There are smaller zip codes with the zip code boundaries for the Las Vegas Strip from Excalibur to the south with the southern boundary of Russell Road to Circus Circus to the north is 89109 with the northern boundary of Sahara Avenue and Stratosphere is located within 89104.

What is Circus Circus zip code?

CIRCUS CIRCUS HOTEL CASINO & THEME PARK – Las Vegas NV 2880 Las Vegas South 89109.

What is the address of the Las Vegas Strip?

Officially, the Strip is on South Las Vegas Boulevard. For example, on the southern end of the Strip, the Mandalay Bay’s address is 3950 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, while to the north, the Stratosphere’s address is 2000 S. Las Vegas Boulevard.

How many zip codes are in Las Vegas?

19 Zip Codes
Las Vegas, Nevada: 19 Zip Codes.

What are the best zip codes in Las Vegas?

89138. ZIP Code in Nevada. #1 Best ZIP Codes to Live in Las Vegas Area.

  • 89144. ZIP Code in Nevada. #2 Best ZIP Codes to Live in Las Vegas Area.
  • 89074. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • 89113. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • 89124. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • 89012. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • 89014. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • 89052. ZIP Code in Nevada.
  • What is the most expensive ZIP code in Las Vegas?

    In Nevada, the 89138 ZIP code, located in Las Vegas in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV metro area, is the most expensive place to buy a home….This is the Most Expensive ZIP Code in Nevada.

    State: Nevada
    Most expensive ZIP code: 89138
    City: Las Vegas
    Median home sale price, 2020: $536,000
    Median household income: $120,759

    What is Texas ZIP code?

    Zip Codes in Texas 2021

    Zip Code City County
    79936 El Paso El Paso County
    75034 Frisco Collin County
    77084 Houston Harris County
    75070 McKinney Collin County

    What is St George ZIP code?

    St. George/Zip codes

    Who owns most of Las Vegas Strip?

    MGM Growth owns all or a portion of seven MGM-operated Strip resorts – MGM Grand Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Park MGM, Luxor, Excalibur and New York-New York. MGM Growth also owns The Park and T-Mobile Arena, as well as the casino company’s seven regional casinos.

    Where should you avoid in Las Vegas?

    Places Most Dangerous to Risk Your Life in Las Vegas

    • Downtown. When it comes to crime, Downtown Las Vegas gets an F grade.
    • Naked City. Many people plan to walk the Las Vegas strip, and you’re more than welcome to do so.
    • East Las Vegas / Whitney.
    • West Las Vegas.
    • Meadows Village.
    • Huntridge.

    What are the safest zip codes in Las Vegas?

    What are the zip codes for Summerlin Las Vegas?

    Summerlin/Zip codes

    What is the best ZIP code in Las Vegas?

    The top zip code was 89030 with a 31.2 percent gain in median value, followed by 89101 with 30.4 percent. 89030 is located in North Las Vegas while 89101 includes downtown Las Vegas and areas north and east of downtown. The top 10 also includes 89104, 89109, 89103, 89169, 89011, 89032, 89015 and 89108.

    What is the name of the strip in Vegas?

    Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly referred to as the Las Vegas strip, or the strip, is where many of the flashier and best known casinos operate. These are often open and full of patrons around the clock.

    What are the ZIP codes for Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas Strip zip code. 89109 is the Las Vegas zip code for the heart of the strip. The zip code for the Las Vegas Strip from Excalibur in the south to Circus Circus in the north is 89109. Mandalay bay and Luxor in the south have the zip code 89119 and Stratosphere in the north has 89104.