When did the first episode of Rave Master come out?

When did the first episode of Rave Master come out?

Rave Master premiered in Japan on TBS on October 13, 2001, and ran until September 28, 2002. The anime series is based on the first ninety-five chapters of the manga series.

Where did Elie and Musica meet in Rave Master?

They met up with Musica at Punk Street. They have to eliminate Demon Card using Rave and is helped by Elie’s uncontrollable Ethelion and Musica’s ability of controlling silver as a Silver-Claimer. Unfortunately, they had to collect 4 more Raves in order to eliminate the mother of all dark beings, Sinclair.

Who is the New Rave Master Haru Glory?

Fifty years later, Plue accompanies a new Rave Master named Haru Glory, who is separated from Plue in Hip Hop Town. Plue is found by a girl named Elie before being abducted by a member of the criminal organization Shadow Guard and forced into a deadly dog race.

How did the Rave Master destroy the Shadow Stones?

The Rave Master Shiba and his guardian “dog”, Plue, use the sacred Rave stones to destroy the evil power-granting Shadow Stones. However, Shiba fails to completely destroy the final Shadow Stone, and the resulting explosion known as Overdrive obliterates one tenth of the world and scatters the Rave stones.

Who is the second Rave Master in RuneScape?

Shiba tells Haru that he is the second Rave Master, entrusting the Ten Commandments, Plue, and his Rave to him. Seeking power to defeat Demon Card, Haru and Plue set off on a journey to find the missing Rave stones.

Why does Mashima want to write Rave Master?

In both Rave Master and his other manga Fairy Tail, Mashima wants to make justice prevail but also make readers understand the villains’ reasons to fight the main character in order to make them more complex characters.