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Where can I go for 2 days trip from Bangalore?

Where can I go for 2 days trip from Bangalore?

10 Best 2-Day Trips Near Bangalore for a Spectacular Weekend…

  • Coorg. Coorg, located on the Western Ghats is a fascinating weekend getaway destination near Bangalore where you can enjoy your two days perfectly.
  • Ooty.
  • Dandeli.
  • Hampi.
  • Pondicherry.
  • Nilgiri Hills.
  • Kabini.
  • Yercaud.

Where should I go for a 3 day vacation?

Top 10 Destinations for Three-Day Weekend Getaways

  • New Orleans, LA. Worth Waiting in Line For: Beignets at Cafe du Monde or Cafe Beignet. Cafe du Monde is hands-down one of the best (and oldest!)
  • Vancouver, Canada.
  • New York City, NY.
  • Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Asheville, NC.
  • Portland, OR.
  • Nashville, TN.
  • Austin, TX.

Which place is best for 2 days trip in Karnataka?

2 Day Trips Near Bangalore

2 Day Trips from Bangalore Highlights
Wayanad – 277 Km from Bangalore Wildlife, Sightseeing, Leisure Stay, Camping
Dandeli – 463 Km from Bangalore Camping, Wildlife, Hiking, Experiential Stay
Sakleshpur – 221 Km from Bangalore Camping, Coffee Plantations, Hiking, Leisure Stay

Can we go on day trips now?

So day trips are now possible, and as of Monday 12 April, they’re no longer discouraged as long as all other social distancing rules are fully respected.

What is a good weekend getaway for couples?

Here are 15 of the best romantic getaways in NSW.

  • Wilga Station Farmers Hut. Orange.
  • Dam It Getaway. Bowman Farm.
  • Kookawood. Blue Mountains.
  • La Riveraine. Hawkesbury River.
  • Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. Crystal Creek.
  • Cedar Cabin. Thredbo.
  • Hideout. Moss Vale.
  • CasaBelle. Bellingen.

Where can I go on a mini vacation?

Best Weekend Getaways

  • New York City.
  • Charleston, SC.
  • Chicago.
  • San Diego.
  • Miami.
  • Montreal.
  • New Orleans.
  • Vancouver.

Where should I go for a short family trip?

The best weekend getaways for families in the US

  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  • Palm Springs, California.
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • New York City, New York.
  • San Diego, California.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Boston, Massachusetts.

Is a 3 day vacation worth it?

Almost half of the respondents cited “reducing stress” as to why they wanted a three-day escape. Indeed, a three-day vacation can make you feel less stressed because they can be far less stressful to plan, cheaper than a long getaway, easier to execute, and will give you more vacations to look forward to.

Where can u go on holiday without quarantine?

The full list of 12 countries and territories people in England can travel to without having to quarantine upon return will include:

  • Portugal.
  • Israel.
  • Singapore.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Brunei.
  • Iceland.
  • Gibraltar.

Can we go on holiday in lockdown?

Can I go on holiday anywhere in the UK? You can travel freely between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, unless you have to self-isolate because you have Covid symptoms or have tested positive. All holiday accommodation – including hotels, hostels, B&B, caravans and boats – can operate across the UK.

Which is the best place for a 2 day tour from Bangalore?

Wayanad is a charming place situated at the Western Ghats in Kerala. The city is said to be “the land of paddy fields”. This place is the favourite destination for bike riders. The land blessed with natural resources and splendid land beauty this is one of the best places for a 2-day tour from Bangalore.

Which is the best weekend getaway in Bangalore?

Located around 60 kilometres away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one such tourist spot that has gradually been discovered by visitors over the years and has now become a well-known weekend getaway. Best Time: October to June 12 Nandi Hills Attractions View Hotels Read More

Which is the most famous place in Bangalore?

Shravanabelagola is famous for the Bahubali Statue, among the must include places in Shravanabelagola tour packages. With a height of 58 feet carved out of a single block of granite, the statue is supposed to be the tallest monolithic stone statue in the world.

Which is the best place to visit near Mysore?

About 83 km from Mysore, and 140 km from Bangalore, it is one of the popular places to visit near Bangalore. Shravanabelagola is famous for the Bahubali Statue, among the must include places in Shravanabelagola tour packages.