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Where does digital broadcasting take place in Ukraine?

Where does digital broadcasting take place in Ukraine?

The International Forum ‘Digital Broadcasting in Ukraine’ is the annual event that takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its mission is to gather the most of international consultants and Ukrainian specialists to solve industry’s problems in the DTT field. In 2008 the 2nd International Forum took place in Kyiv also.

Which is the most popular TV channel in Ukraine?

Ukraine’s three chief TV channels are “Inter”, “1+1” and “UT-1”. These three channels receive about 90% of profits brought in by advertising and are thus the most developed. Other channels that benefit from advertising profits include “Novyi Canal”, ICTV and STB.

Are there any DTT TV channels in Ukraine?

In 2007 and 2008, experimental DVB-T broadcasts of few channels started in Kyiv and Odesa. Those turned out to be successful. Yet the DTT National Program is not approved by the government, thus the process is stuck.

Why did Russia remove TV channels from Ukraine?

In early March 2014, Crimea removed Ukraine-based TV channels ahead of its Russian annexation referendum. Later that month, the Ukrainian National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting ordered measures against some Russian TV channels which were accused of broadcasting misleading information about Ukraine.

Who are the largest TV providers in Ukraine?

The largest providers are Kyivstar, Viasat and Volia. In remote areas, there are many small independent providers that provide either satellite or cable television services. Community television launched in mid-2010s to broadcast Euromaidan protests. As of 2019, the sector is represented by which is an Internet television station.

What is the language of TV in Ukraine?

In October 2014 activists have published statistics of content’s language of Ukrainian channels. According to it there are 29% of completely Ukrainian language content, 39.3% of completely Russian language content]