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Where is Bahia Magdalena?

Where is Bahia Magdalena?

Baja California Sur
Geography. Magdalena Bay, or Bahía Magdalena in Spanish, is a 50 km long bay, and about 200 km of lagoons and channels on the Pacific side of the Baja California Sur, in the municipality of Comondú. It is protected by two islands – Isla Magdalena to the north and, Isla Santa Margarita to the south.

When can you see whales in Magdalena Bay?

After making their marathon migration south from the cold waters of the Bering Sea down to the warmer waters of the Baja California peninsula, the whales mate and calve in the protected waters of Laguna San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre, and Magdalena Bay. February and March are prime whale viewing months.

Is Magdalena Bay polish?

Magdalena Ewa Tul (born 29 April 1980) is a Polish singer and composer. In 2000 she moved from Gdańsk to Warsaw where she started working as a singer and actress for Studio Buffo, a musical theater. She performed there as a lead singer in Metro.

How do you get to Magdalena Bay Mexico?

Magdalena Bay can be reached by car in a few hours of driving on paved highways from airports at Loreto, La Paz or San Jose del Cabo, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Puerto San Carlos, pop. 5,500, is the largest town on the bay.

What are Magdalena Bay scallops?

So we felt lucky to connect with the Magdalena Bays, which covered all of the qualities we wanted. They are called Mexican as they are diver caught in the waters off of Baja Mexico. They are then brought to the USA for processing. They are hand shucked and quickly individually frozen making them an artisan product.

Is Magdalena Bay a couple?

Magdalena Bay: Yeah, so we are still dating actually. We are a couple, but it’s not like the main part of our brand because we think that’s a boring thing to highlight. But we’ve always been partners in creating things.

When can you see whales in Baja?

Though whale watching is a year-round activity, Baja whale season peaks in the winter months of January through March. However, you can expect to see gray whales off the coast of the Baja peninsula from late December through April.

Where does the Sea of Cortez begin?

The Sea of Cortez is located in Mexico (also known as the Gulf of California) is a sea of striking beauty placed between the Baja California Peninsula and Mexico’s mainland. The states of Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa all have coasts within this sea.

Are Magdalena Bay scallops good?

Pure, sweet, natural and a great value are all attributes of our Magdalena Bay Frozen 60/80 count Scallops! Magdalena Bay Scallops are as sweet as their larger cousins. China had been the dominant source for frozen Bay Scallops for several years.

Where do Magdalena scallops come from?

Also known as catarina scallops, Mexican Bay scallops (Argopecten ventricosus = circularis) reside in the North Pacific and South Pacific oceans from the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico south to Peru. Along both coasts of the Baja California Peninsula, these scallops are harvested by divers.

What genre is Magdalena Bay?

Magdalena Bay/Genres
The Los Angeles-based music duo Magdalena Bay builds highly curated, unmistakably upscale pop sounds for an era of Internet stardom. The singer Mica Tenenbaum and the engineer Matthew Lewin write, produce, direct, and edit their songs and videos together, balancing posh music with a cheeky online presence.

Is it safe to sail in the Sea of Cortez?

Sailing Adventures on the Sea of Cortez. Stunning scenery, a good sailing breeze, warm water, uncrowded anchorages, abundant wildlife, and so much more. It’s safe, and easy to get to – just a 2.5 hour flight from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, and an easy shuttle to La Paz.