Where is Hubert Keller from?

Where is Hubert Keller from?

Alsace, France
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Biography. Keller was born in Alsace, France, and graduated from the École Hoteliere in Strasbourg. Beginning as a pastry chef, he worked in various restaurants including Auberge de L’Ill, the cruise liner Mermoz, Domaine de Chateauneuf, and Moulin de Mougins in France, and La Cuisine du Soleil in São Paulo, Brazil.

Where is Hubert Keller now?

Hubert Keller, a Frenchman classically trained by France’s top Chefs, is now one of America’s most widely recognized and acclaimed chefs. Chef Keller resides in Las Vegas, where he operates Fleur by Hubert Keller, featuring his contemporary French cooking accented with cuisine around the world.

When was Hubert Keller born?

1954 (age 67 years)
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Is Hubert Keller married?

Chantal Keller
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How old is Hubert?

About 67 years (1954)
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How much is Michael Chiarello worth?

Michael Chiarello was born in Red Bluff, California in January 1962….Michael Chiarello Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3.5 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 26, 1962 (59 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Chef, Screenwriter, Presenter
Nationality: Italy

Is chef Hubert Keller married?

Where did Hubert Keller go to school?

School Alexandre Dumas – Hotel And Tourism
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Is Michael Chiarello divorced?

Personal life. In 2003, Chiarello married Eileen Marie Gordon; with whom he has one son, Aidan, born in 2005. In 2019, Chiarello filed for divorce from Gordon.

How old is the chef Michael Chiarello?

59 years (January 26, 1962)
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How many restaurants does Michael Chiarello own?

He has developed over 10 restaurants, including his hugely popular and critically acclaimed Bottega Restaurant in Yountville, California (Napa Valley); his new Spanish restaurant Coqueta on Pier 5 in San Francisco which earned a glowing 3.5 star review from the San Francisco Chronicle and was a finalist in the 2013 …

Is NapaStyle still in business?

After seven years, the NapaStyle shop in Yountville is poised for a new look, a new product mix – and, soon, a new name. NapaStyle will close Jan.

Where did Hubert Keller start his culinary career?

He began his culinary career as a pastry chef and worked in restaurants such as L’auberge de L’Ill and La Cuisine du Soleil. He was awarded the James Beard Foundation/Perrier-Jouët award in 1997 and was recognized as America’s best Californian chef. He was born in Alsace, France.

When did Hubert Keller come to San Francisco?

He trained under Paul Haeberlin, Paul Bocuse, and Roger Vergé before coming to San Francisco in 1982 to revitalize the now-defunct Sutter 500. In 1986 he became co-owner and executive chef of the original Fleur de Lys in San Francisco.

Where was Hubert Keller born and where was he born?

He was awarded the James Beard Foundation/Perrier-Jouët award in 1997 and was recognized as America’s best Californian chef. He was born in Alsace, France. His restaurant once appeared on the reality series Real Housewives of Orange County, which featured housewife Tamra Barney.

Where did Hubert Keller open the fleur de lys?

Shortly thereafter he opened a second Fleur de Lys, at Mandalay Bay. Chef Keller also opened a French influenced steakhouse in Downtown St. Louis called SLEEK, which is regarded as the best steak house in St. Louis. He was the consulting chef at the Club XIX, at the Lodge in Pebble Beach in Pebble Beach, California.