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Where is Rati Agnihotri now?

Where is Rati Agnihotri now?

Agnihotri and Virwani divorced in 2015. Agnihotri spends a lot of time in Poland, where she owns an Indian restaurant with her sister Anita.

Who did Rati Agnihotri marry?

Anil Virwanim. 1985–2015
Rati Agnihotri/Spouse

Who is Rati Agnihotri brother?

Atul Agnihotri (born 8 July 1970) is an Indian film actor, producer and director.

Who is the father of tanuj?

Anil Virwani
Tanuj Virwani/Fathers

Why Rati Agnihotri got divorced?

Veteran actress Rati Agnihotri, who has completed 37 years in the film industry, recently decided to end her 30-year-long marriage to Anil Virwani owing to domestic violence. What surprised everybody was that the 54-year-old actress had chosen to not speak about it, till few days back.

Who is Atul Agnihotri wife?

Alvira Khan Agnihotrim. 1995
Atul Agnihotri/Wife

Who is Salman Khan Mother?

Sushila Charak
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Which caste is Agnihotri?

Agnihotri is a rare Indian Brahmin surname derived from the Sanskrit word Agnihotra. The term Agnihotri originally referred to the Brahmins who maintained the sacred fire during the fire rituals.

Which caste is virwani?

Tanuj Virwani Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Caste Brahmin
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Hobbies Dancing, Cooking, Swimming, Playing the Piano
Tattoo On The Right Bicep: Tribal Pattern Tattoo

How old is Rathi Agnihotri?

60 years (December 10, 1960)
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What is the age of Rati Agnihotri?

Who is the father of Apurva Agnihotri?

Gyandev Agnihotri
Apurva Agnihotri/Fathers

Agnihotri was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is the son of Gyandev Agnihotri, a screen writer who wrote the scripts for popular Hindi movies such as Avishkaar, Griha Pravesh, Mr Natwarlal, Yaarana, Sindoor, Teri Kasam and Beta.

How old was Rati Agnihotri when she started modeling?

Rati Agnihotri was born on December 10, 1960 to a Punjabi family in Bombay, India, and has an older sister and brother. Although, she came from a traditional, conservative family, she was allowed to model at age 10, since her sister Anita was a Miss Young India.

Who is the father of Rati Agnihotri’s son?

She and her husband, Anil Virwani, have a son named Tanuj Virwani (b.1987). Sister Anita Agnihotri was a former Miss India who designed costumes for films. She is now settled in Poland and runs a Indian restaurant called Bombay. She is married to Peter Luszczenska. Neice of actor Rohit Agnihotri. Rohit was Atul’ s father.

Who are the 5 stars of Rati Agnihotri?

It became the top grossing hit of 1981 and introduced into Hindi films the 5 stars of the South Indian film industry: director K. Balachander, hero Kamal Haasan, heroine Rati Agnihotri, supporting actress Madhavi, and playback singer S.P. Balasubramaniam.

How old was Rati Agnihotri in Pudhiya varpukkal?

When Rati was just 16 years old, director Bharati Raja saw her in a school play and cast her as the heroine in the Tamil film “Pudhiya Varpukkal” (1979), which made her an overnight star in South Indian films.