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Where is the spleen in a fetal pig?

Where is the spleen in a fetal pig?

The spleen lies between the stomach and the diaphragm in the upper left hand side of the abdominal cavity. It is flat, oblong gland (with a tongue-like appearance) that sits on top of the digestive organs in the abdominal cavity.

What is the blood supply to head in a fetal pig?

carotid arteries
Branching off of the anterior aorta, the carotid arteries supply blood to the right and left side of the head and neck. These two arteries are located lateral to each side of the trachea.

What is meant by urogenital opening fetal pig?

What is meant by Urogenital Openings? They are the urinary and reproductive system openings of pigs. Describe the major differences between a male and female pig’s urogenital openings. The major difference is that females are posterior to the anus while the males is posterior to the umbilical cord.

What structure lies on top of the kidney in a fetal pig?

adrenal glands
Fetal Pig Dissection Protocol: Find the adrenal glands: small, white bands of tissue on the top, inside edge of each kidney.

Does the spleen do anything?

The spleen has some important functions: it fights invading germs in the blood (the spleen contains infection-fighting white blood cells) it controls the level of blood cells (white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets) it filters the blood and removes any old or damaged red blood cells.

What is the purpose of saliva in a fetal pig?

Anatomy of the Fetal Pig

Question Answer
Where does the digestive tract start and end? Starts at mouth, ends at anus
Purpose of saliva? softens food for digestion
Function of Epiglottis? prevents food from entering trachea while swallowing
Fetal pigs recieve nourishment from their mother through the __________? Umbilical cord

Do hog have veins?

The marginal ear veins are the only veins that are easily visible on pigs of any size. Usually there are three prominent veins. The lateral or central vein is usually the largest of these. The ear veins are branches of the caudal auricular vein and the superficial cervical vein.

Can you poison a pig?

There are currently no poisons that can be legally used in the United States against wild hogs, but not for a lack of options. For nearly a century, scientists have investigated chemicals that can fell big, vertebrate pests—particularly feral swine.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female fetal pig?

Determine the sex of your pig by looking for the urogenital opening. On females, this opening is located near the anus. On males, the opening is located near the umbilical cord. If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present near the genital opening.

What protects the kidneys in a pig?

They are behind a membrane called the peritoneum. You will need to carefully remove the peritoneum to see the bean-shaped kidneys.

Do fetal pigs use their lungs?

have the same function of delivering oxygen to the organs of the animal. The fetal pigs lungs are flatter than those of a human. The lungs have the responsibilty of removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen to blood that will then be distributed back to the body through the capillaries.

What is the function of the kidney in a pig?

The kidneys are large, bean-shaped organs that lie against the dorsal wall of the abdominal cavity underneath the organs of the digestive tract. The function of the kidneys is to filter waste from the blood and to regulate the blood’s salt and water levels.