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Which is the best romance movie of 2013?

Which is the best romance movie of 2013?

2013: A Year of Romance. 1 1. Romeo and Juliet (II) (2013) PG-13 | 118 min | Drama, Romance. 2 2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) 3 3. About Time (I) (2013) 4 4. The Spectacular Now (2013) 5 5. Hello I Must Be Going (2012)

Are there any good romantic movies in Hollywood?

Hollywood Romantic Movies is the favorite genre of many people. Some movies are amazingly beautiful and some are just ok. Here is the list of Top 20 Best romantic movies of Hollywood 2013 that are a must watch for every fan who loves the Romantic movies and Hollywood Films.

Which is the best movie of the year?

My top movies of 2013 so far. This based on movies that I have watched. I will always update this list!

What are the top 10 movies of 2013?

Top 100 Movies of 2013. 1. Man of Steel (2013) PG-13 | 143 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. 7. Rate. 55 Metascore. An alien child is evacuated from his dying world and sent 2. Captain Phillips (2013) 3. Rush (I) (2013) 4. Her (2013) 5. The Conjuring (2013)

When did the first romance movie come out?

In 1980s Italy, romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older man hired as his father’s research assistant. Votes: 224,598 | Gross: $18.10M

Is the movie Romeos based on a true story?

A drama centered on the relationship between a two young men, as one of them navigates the difficulties of life as a transgender man. Get the scoop on all the superhero movies and series coming in 2021 and beyond.

Where is the Z in the movie Romeos?

Between 1:12 and 1:13, when Lukas is cleaning his room, you see the red “z” with it’s dot above (like an upside-down question mark) on the balcony screen. When Fabio sits down on the window sill, the “z” has disappeared (only the dot stays), and it appears again afterwards.

How much money does a romance movie make?

In a magically realistic version of Toronto, a young man must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes one by one in order to win her heart. Votes: 390,285 | Gross: $31.49M