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Which is the closest antonym for the word exasperating?

Which is the closest antonym for the word exasperating?

antonyms for exasperating

  • assist.
  • quiet.
  • pacify.
  • comfort.
  • calm.
  • appease.
  • soothe.
  • aid.

What is the synonym of exasperating?

Frequently Asked Questions About exasperate Some common synonyms of exasperate are irritate, nettle, peeve, provoke, and rile. While all these words mean “to excite a feeling of anger or annoyance,” exasperate suggests galling annoyance and the arousing of extreme impatience.

What is the word exasperating mean?

: having or showing strong feelings of irritation or annoyance an exasperated sigh Ricardo congratulated himself on having left his revolver behind.

What is synonyms of exasperatedly?

What is another word for exasperatedly?

annoyedly irritatedly
irately enragedly
aggravatedly madly
frustratedly angrily
furiously resentfully

What is the synonym of feigned?

Some common synonyms of feign are affect, assume, counterfeit, pretend, sham, and simulate.

What is the synonym of languor?

Some common synonyms of languor are lassitude, lethargy, stupor, and torpor.

What is a bigger word for angry?

enraged, resentful, offended, irritable, impassioned, irate, uptight, sullen, heated, furious, irritated, bitter, annoyed, indignant, exasperated, outraged, choleric, cross, displeased, ferocious.

What’s a word for making something worse?

Worsen, intensify, aggravate and compound are similar, but exacerbate has the sense of an irritant being added in to make something bad even worse.

What do babushkas mean?

(bə-bo͝osh′kə) 1. A headscarf, folded triangularly and tied under the chin, traditionally worn by women in eastern Europe. 2. An elderly Russian or Polish woman, especially one who is a grandmother.

How do you exasperate someone?

To exasperate someone is to annoy him or her to the point of impatience, frustration and irritation, like when you exasperate a busy waiter by asking questions like “what are all the ingredients in the salad dressing?” and making him repeat the specials five times.

What is the synonym of feebly?

adjective. 1’he was very old and feeble’ weak, weakly, weakened, puny, wasted, frail, infirm, delicate, sickly, ailing, unwell, poorly, failing, helpless, powerless, impotent, enfeebled, enervated, debilitated, incapacitated, effete.

What is another word for tiredly?

What is another word for tiredly?

wearily exhaustedly
faintly consumedly
blearily emptily
droopily flatly
limply languidly

Are there any synonyms for the word exasperating?

Synonyms for exasperating. aggravating, annoying, bothering, bugging, burning (up), chafing, eating, frosting,

Where does the word exasperare come from in the Dictionary?

[Latin exasperāre, exasperāt- : ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + asperāre, to make rough (from asper, rough ).] ex·as′per·at′er n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Which is the best example of the exasperating process?

If you don’t get a tanker that day, the booking expires automatically and you need to re-book a tanker the next day by going through the same exasperating process. The most exasperating example is the escalator in the Gil Puyat (Buendia) station, which hosts a large volume of passengers.

Which is the most exasperating word in English?

“What you wanted to tell me,” he said with exasperating suavity. A new and exasperating thought came into his feverish consciousness. One of these taunting expressions is “Kitho karishtiditore,” which is a most exasperating saying.